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Valentine's Day: Do's and Don'ts

February 14th can cause a lot of stress as you try to make it a perfect day for the one you love. We have some simple ways to ease the tension. Here's a quick guide how you can go about it.


  • Celebrate your love
    Valentine's Day is a great occasion to honour the love that has kept you together. Relive the journey that got you here. Talk about memorable dates, the laughs and the romance and all the other little stories and memories that make your relationship special. Going through old e-mails, letters and photos are a great way to do this.
  • Make a homemade Valentine
    Running a little short on cash ahead of Valentine's Day? Don't be afraid to make a homemade Valentine. Your partner will love the time and effort you put into actually creating something for them, even if it's just a simple card. A little poem in your own words, a favourite dish of hers, a CD with his favourite songs are all little things out of the ordinary that make it more romantic.
  • Spend time with each other
    Nothing can be more romantic than spending time together. It doesn't only have to be a dinner or a couple of hours together. Especially if you're normally really pressed for time, try to take the day off. Switch off from the rest of the world and make the day about the two of you. Spend it cuddling up together, talking to each other, sharing your dreams and hopes for the future, remembering the good times in the past and reconnecting with each other again. If you can't be by your partner's side the entire time, let them know you're thinking of them with text messages, e-mails and e-greeting cards. 


  • Have unrealistic expectations
    Everyone wants to be spoiled on their Valentine's Day, keep your expectations in check. So while your colleague's husband may be flying her off to Bali for the Valentine's Day weekend or your classmate's girlfriend is cooking him a three course gourmet meal, it might not be possible for your partner to do the same. Instead focus on appreciating the thought behind their gestures.
  • Be like everyone else
    Books and the movies may make it seem like a big bouquet of roses and chocolates are all that's needed for your significant other to have a terrific Valentine's Day, but it's far from true. The standard route of flowers and sweets may make your partner feel that you haven't put enough thought into your gift to give your partner something you know they'd like. Think outside the box. 
  • Give in to the pressure
    The closer we get to Valentine's Day, the more the hype. Pink and red, heart shaped balloons and chocolates and newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet are brimming with ideas on how to have a perfect Valentine's Day. However, if you feel that Valentine’s Day has become too commercial, or if you’re wondering when February 14 became this important, don’t feel you have to do something. Instead sit down together, talk it out honestly and maybe even decide to celebrate on a later date if that’s what works for the both of you. After all, there are other 364 days in the year, that are just as perfect to rejoice in the love that brought you two together. 

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