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Ludo for love

Love and relationships
Have you ever played a game with your partner? Arey, not love tricks. A real game, like carrom, chess or badminton. No? Then try it now! It will boost your mohabbat. Don’t believe us? Read what science has to say.

Couple that watches porn together, stays together?

Do you keep your porn habits a secret from your partner? Why not watch with him or her instead? Recent research shows it could even be good for your relationship.

How does your partner smell?

Love and relationships
People who are better able to smell their partners’ odours during sex might get more aroused and find the experience more pleasurable. Get sniffing people!

One winter night on a train

Love and relationships
Rima and Sahil met online and had never seen each other. On a cold, foggy, January night, she decided to surprise him by taking a train from New Delhi to Kolkata. But anyone who has lived in North India knows travelling in the winter can be an adventure. Rima tell us about the journey she’d never forget!

You want to have sex, but are you really ready?

Making Love
Sex and sexual expression is a beautiful but a deeply personal gift. In all the excitement surrounding sex, it is important to remember that you, and only you, can determine when you’re ready to have sex. In case you need some help, here are some things to keep in mind.

My 'Half Girlfriend'

Love and relationships
Sarthak tells Love Matters India his zara hatke story with Megha and how lack of any commitments is what makes their relationship really tick.

Who needs disprin when your lover's on screen

Love and relationships
So, your head's aching like hell or you have just touched a hot iron? While you wait for the pain to subside, here is something else you can do. Grab your phone and look at the picture of your loved one, and see the magic unfold.

Are you a ‘problem-solving’ partner?

Love and relationships
Your girlfriend is going through a stressful time in office. You listen to her situation and help her get out of it by your advice. Researchers call this as a ‘labour of love’. Let’s unmask how it can make or break your relationship.