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Auntyji, what if I'm pregnant?

By Auntyji Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 10:26
Auntyji, I could be pregnant. I didn't even want to have sex that day, but he was so persistent. I don’t know how it happened. What if it's true? I feel I have some early signs of pregnancy too! My family will kill me and I'll kill myself. Babita (19), Faridabad.

Auntyji says... O meri beti, wait, listen to me for a minute first. Go get yourself a glass of water, chalo!

Facts first 

How do you know you are pregnant? What early signs of pregnancy do you have? You don’t know for sure, hai na? So sabse pehle, let me give you a little bit of information. Do you know how to check or test pregnancy at home? The fear in your tone tells me that you must have found out enough already, but you also sound like you're suffering a panic attack of sorts.

So listen beta, it's very straight forward. Unless your bf discharges inside your vagina i.e. his sperm enters your vagina, you cannot get pregnant. Unless you are ovulating at the same time, that is you are in the middle of your menstrual cycle and an egg has been released which meets the male sperm and fertilisation happens, you cannot get pregnant.

Now is there any of this you can ascertain? Discharge inside? Do you know if you could have been ovulating then? Check!

Test it

Do you know the early signs of pregnancy? Some people may have many, some will have none. So do not reply on them. Let me tell you how to check pregnancy at home. Now the easier way out is to do a test and do it immediately. Ok I can almost see you going blue in the face, but beti this is the only way. How many days have gone past since you had this episode? If it's over 10 days, just run to the chemist – or make your boyfriend do it. Buy a home pregnancy testing kit, it is very easily available and do the test. You will have a clear answer.

Now the fear is, what if it is positive. First, kick your boyfriend's butt! Then, do it again. I am guessing you don't want to go on with this pregnancy which is why I am now suggesting the next steps. Find a very reliable and dependable doctor or clinic and go and seek advice. Immediately.

Take your dear bf with you everywhere you go... he has to be at your side each step of the way. You may not need a surgical abortion and may even be able to get help with the use of medicines. Don’t panic, get your body in order first.

Do you know how to check pregnancy, test at home? If not, read this article. 


Ab, you did not want it and he insisted. Do you see a bit of a confusion here? You did not want it and yet you went ahead and you did even not insist on safety – a condom either? Yeh kya baat hui beta? You need to reflect on this, don’t you think? That could have been a point of negotiation, no?

Acts of unsafe sex have all sorts of repercussions for both partners, but mainly they act out in the woman’s body, in the woman’s life, as you can clearly see. More commonly the dice are rolled with the odds against her. She really has much more to deal with vis a vis the man.

Getting it his way

Now for Mr. Insistent! Sometimes we don’t even know it but we are giving into some sort of arm twisting, emotional blackmail. So beta... now you decide what you want to do.

I will always say this sort of behaviour is least wanted in any relationship...and you have to decide how you are going to change it, and change it you must. So you have one very zaroori conversation coming up. Don’t shy away from it.

Also, whatever goes on in your body, mind and soul right now is what you are experiencing personally. What is your bf doing meanwhile? Does he see how worried you are, how terrified? Does he realise he is largely responsible for this? Do you realise this, my dear?

In your control

So get on with it now. No need to kill yourself over this – let’s get clarity and take the required action first. Beta, be careful. It's your body, the right over it should be yours.

You don’t feel like sex and yet go ahead... Ok, I guess people do it for love or whatever, but to not even use precaution shows a defencelessness, a lack of control over yourself... Come on Babita, never again. Take charge my girl!

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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Bete smita ojha jald ek home pregnancy test le lijiye. Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare disccsion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
Mein apka sawal theek se smajhi nahi. Kya aap periods ki baat kar rahi hain? Toh yadi apko is unsafe sex e baad periods huay hain toh aap yeh maan skati hain ki ismein pregnancy ke chances na ke barabr hain.
Suno shyad aap is emergency pill ka galat istemal kar rahe hain. safe sex ke liey condom ka istemal kiya jaata hai naa ki emergency pills ka bête, yaha padho zara: yeh emergency goli hai aur yeh mahila ke masik dharm par asar kar saktee hai.. PLEASE in goliyoun ko laparvahi se istemaal mat keejiye.
Sorry beta, hum kisi bhi medicine ka naam apko nahi bata sakte! Aur naa hi is tarah koi bhi medicine lena swasth hai! Behtar hoga ki aap iske liye kis vishagya ya achche panjikrit doctor se mililye.
Aap kiss nazar se yeh sawal puch rahe hain? Ki kya yeh koi beemari karta hai, so nahin. Lekin yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki yadi mooh mei choot bhi jaye toh aap turant use baahr thook dein, andear lene ki koi zaroorat nahin. Mukh maithun ka eke hen pehlu hai atyant saaf safai – dono partners keliye, iska dhyaan rakhiye. All the best beta.
Sapna sharma
Sun, 10/25/2015 - 23:15
Aunty ji mere periods aaye hue the ar mai apne bf s mili thi and we close more. Usne just apna penis meri vegina pr rakha tha just for 2-3minutes.Then hum dur ho gaye toh kya mere pregnant hone ke chances hai. .?
Aunty meri shadi ko 2Sal hone ko hai par mai ajtak pregnant nahi hui doctor se consult karne pe unho n check kiya hum dono ko or bataya sab normal hai but fir v mai av tak pregnant nahi hui or but mere husband hamesa mere discharge hone se pahle hi wo. Ho jate hai iske karan kya mai pregnant nahi ho sakti, pregnant hone k liye sath discharge hona jaruri hai kya please jaldi bataiyega
Yadi is unsafe sex ke baad bhee apko periods huay hain toh aap yeh maan sakte hain ki ismein pregnancy ke chances na ke barabr hain.
maine 14 dec ko without sex kiya 4 baar but pani bahar dala tha aur 21dec ko bhi kiya 2 baar wo bhi without condom pani bahar dala tha but mera periods date 25th dec tha but muje abhi tak period aaya nhi h yoh kya pregnant ke chances h
Ji haan, Priyanka beta. Yaad rakhiye chahe ling ka Sirf thode se samay ke liye yoni mein pravesh hua hao, bina condom ke wo unsafe hai kyunki pregnant hone ke liye ek shuranu bhi kaafi hota hai. Ab jaldi se ek home pregnancy test lo ya Phoren kisi vishagya ya achche panjikrit doctor se milo, aur dekho kya ho sakta hai. Madad ke liye Yeh bhi padho: Yadi aap is mudde par humse aur gehri charcha mein judna chahte hain toh hamare discussion board “Just Poocho” mein zaroor shamil hon!
Hmmm! Bete aap yeh samajh lijiye ki pregnancy ke liye ek shukranu bhee bohot kaafi ho sakta hai. Lekin haan periods ke duran pregnant hone ka chance na ke barabr hai .Phir bhi kisi bhi risk ya sankramn se bachne ke liye condom ka isteaml anivarya hai.
Sony, odisha
Thu, 05/01/2014 - 15:34
Mene recently court marriage ki he, per mene is bare me apne ghar balo ko nahi kaha he, par avi darrahi hu ke ghar me kese bolu, kya aap kuch suggestion de sakte he jisse mera dono pariwar mujse dur na ho
Bete ye to aapnay itni himmat ka kam kar dikhaya hai, bus zaroorat hai ki thodi aur himmat dikhaey aur samay anay par aap kay aur apnay ghar walo kay samnay aap dono ye baat unhay bohot pyar se smajha dey ki aap ek dusray k sath khush hai aur poori life sath rehna cahtay hai isliey apnay ye kadam uthaya hai, and relax mujhay lagta hai wo apki baat ko zaroor samjhengay. All the very best.
Amit, patna
Sun, 06/08/2014 - 18:21
Anty ji mai bht presn hu, mri age 21 sal h bchpn se mjhe adt thi pat sokr apne pnis ko bd se rgrne ka usse mjhe acha lgta tha, mjhe pta ni tha ke iska glat effect hoga, nadani me karta tha, mra pnis terha ho gya hai, aur jyda bra v ni hai, aur mai jldi dschrg ho jta hu, plz anty ji mri bmri ka elaz bta djye mai bht presn rhta hu, mjhe lgta h ke sdi ke bad mri biwi mjh se khus ni rh payegi, mai usko satisfy nhi kr paunga, plz anty ji mri prblm ka slutn btaye, kya mri sex lif achchi nhi hogi kya mri bwi mjh se khs ni rhegi bht sari uljhn h mre andr. Plz anty ji help me, mjhe apse bht umid hai. Aur ha anty ji mai ye chorna chahta hu pr mri adt ni chut pa rhi h koi slutn btye js se mai ye adt chor du.
Bete aisi koi baat nahi hai hasthmethun se ye dikkat nahi hoti aur rahi baat apki sex life ki wo bilkul achhi hogi par jab jab aap ye negative batay apnay dil se nikal denge aur positive sochayngay! sath hi apni sehat par bhi dhyan dengay achha khan apeena, exercise ye sab bhi bhot ,matter karta hai ! aur agar aap isay hodna cahhtay hai to bete apnay apko dusri activity jo apko pasand ho unmay involve kijiey isaay thoda avoid kijiey bus!
aunty ji meri gf naa chahte hue pregnent hgaiti.hmne abort to krwaliya bt ab prblm hgai h usne mjhe kch mszs bhejete jo uske brother ne pdliye ab mjhe dr lgra h police or uske fmly membrs ka.raato ki neend ud gai h.mai kya kru?shadi b nhi krskta.caste religion.pls give ur advice hr wqt dr lgra h.
Hello ma'am, please mujhe batayein jab periods start hote hain,to mere pet me jor ki dard hoti hai,please mujhe batayein koi gharelu nushkha jo meri dard ko kam kar sake aur koi side effect bhi na ho....
Auntyji, Mai or meri gf abhi sex nhi chahte aur wo virgin bhi hai but forepaly me maine thode excitement mai maine uski vagina me penis rub kia tha aur apne penis ka agla bhaag(glans) thoda sa insert kia tha aur tbhi nikal lia tha lekin ejaculate nhi kia tha aur maine use fingering bhi ki thi but krne se pehle apne penis glans ko bhi touch kia tha , kya pre-ejaculatory fluid se meri gf pregnant ho skti hai ? hume ab is baat se bhot tension ho rhi hai ki kahi wo pregnant na ho jaye..Please Help !!
Aunty ji ek problem hai..meri shadi may me hui thi aur mers job sasuraal yani ajmer me h aur pati ka job delhi me h to hmare beech itna sex ni hua bs jb kbi 7 hote h to kr lete h bt hmesha condome se bcz hme abi baby nhi chaiye ab last mnth mera period 29july ko khtm hua tha aur 23 rd august ko hmne sex kia bina condome...unhone kaha periods k 20 din baad bina condome kr skte h koi prblm nahi abi mera period ane wala tha is mnth 28 august ko jo abhi tk nhi aaya. M worries plzz aunty mujhe purs process baayie plzz kb sex kr skte h ki pregnent na ho aur kb nhi plzzz
Me n my partner gt intimated bfre 2 weeks .n I insisted him to cum inside only ..BT d prblm is m afraid of gtng pregnant ...? After v intimated I took I pill after half n hour or so..plzz can uh tell me n help me out from dis ..I cnt sae dis abt to any1..
Mere shadi ko 3 sal ho gaye hi par pregnancy nahi ho rahi hai meri age 24 hi kya mai pregnant hone ke liye muze kya karna chahiye plz muze bataiye
Yadi dono partners ki poori sehmati hai issey karney may to kar saktay hai lekin , condom use karein, for sure. isse safety bhi rahegee, safai bhi aur sex mein aasaani bhi.
ajay kumar
Mon, 04/20/2015 - 13:20
namastey aunty ji mai jab bhi kisi ladki ke bare mai sochta hoon ya bus me kisi se tkra jaun to bath room karte time gada pani niklata hai mai kaya karun
Yeh toh bahut hee common baat hai. Sex ki bhavna yadi adhik ho to yeh hona bahut hee common hai. Haan yeh toh zaroor hai ki yadi app HAR mahila ya ladki se koi bhi baat karety waqt uttejit ho jaaatey hain so shayad aapka nazariya mahiloun ke prti bahut ek arfaa hai… isme toh sudhaar laana hee chahiye. Har mahila sex ki vastu bilkul nahi!Apne aas paas ki mahilaon ko respect dijiye jese aap apne ghar ki mahilaon ko dete hain.
ajay kumar
Mon, 04/20/2015 - 13:21
namastey aunty ji mai jab bhi kisi ladki ke bare mai sochta hoon ya bus me kisi se tkra jaun to bath room karte time gada pani niklata hai mai kaya karun
hlo Aunty my self vidhi,mujhe aapse kuch puchna h,plz aap meri help krna aunty,m apne b.f ko bhut pyar krti hu or vo b mujhe,bt hmne shadi k phle hi sex kr liya h or mujhe last time mc 13 ko aaye the,bt mujhe aaj tk mc. Ni aaye or hmne sex 22 ko kiya tha,or m pregent hu,plz mujhe koi solution btae,mujhe bht tension ho rhi h plz aaunty koi solution
Thu, 05/21/2015 - 10:21
pill medicine jayada lane se kya aage chale kar kya parganacy main problem ho sakti h please auntyji please help me reply. Fast me please
Bete Priyanka safe sex ke liey condom ka istemal kiya jaata hai naa ki emergency pills ka bête, yaha padho zara: yeh emergency goli hai aur yeh mahila ke masik dharm par asar kar saktee hai.. PLEASE in goliyoun ko laparvahi se istemaal mat keejiye.
pinky sharma
Fri, 06/26/2015 - 23:43
aunty ji ek bhot badi problem hai jiski waja se mein kai din se na dhang se khana kha pa rahi hu or na hi so paa rahi hu actually problem yeh ki ki mene apne bf ke sath sex kia n sex krte waqt pata nahi kese uska condom break ho gya wo toh by chance mene dekh lia n muje pta chal gya n usi time hi mene precaution table bhi le li,, time aane par periods bhi aa gae the but :'( aaj pura one month ho gya mein bhot weak ho gai hu n muje kuj n pichle do din se mera fever bhi nahi utar raha n muje darr hai ki kahi mere bf ko hiv aides toh nahi hai n kahi uske sath sex krne se muje bhi toh nahi ho gya... mujmein itni himmat nahi hai ki mein uss se puchu ki kya usko aides hai but iss dar ne muje buri tarah gher liya hai mein roz marr marr k ji rahi hu.... aap plz PLEASE muje kuj aisa btao jiss se mein pata kar payu ki kahi muje aids toh nahi h ....... <\3 :'(
Kuch mat kijiey aur sahi sammaey aaney ka intzaar kijiey jab wo khud sehmati dikhaey sex ke liey.Kyunki kisi bhi rishtey mey jabardasti acceptable nahi hai . in baton se dhyan hatiey aur apney rishtey ko aur majbut banaiey.
rajat singla
Tue, 07/14/2015 - 17:15
aunty g meri shadi agla hafta h bt mana aj tk sex nahi kia kya m sex se phle apne panis ke tanka dr se krwa lu kyo mujhe frndz ne suggest kia h ke cut krwa lu nahi to bleeding hogi
Hmmm! Bete bohot mubark ho Lekin aap is skin ko nahataye samaye halkaye se pichay kar ke saaf karna hota hai jissey ki waha saafai bani raheye, yadi aisaye kartaye mein koi jyda takleef ya blood araaha hai toh ek doctor se mill lo iskaye baaraye mein. Aur jyada yaha padhiye :
Vinay kumar
Thu, 07/16/2015 - 11:22
Aunty ji ,kya forplay ke dauran jo liquid nikalta hai vagina ke thoda sa andar lagne par kya pregnancy ho sakti hai
Nmstey aunty ji Meri age 18 years hh or mere gf ki 16 year or mm sex nhi krna chahta tha but hum jbb kiss krne lge to hmm khudd ko rokk nhi paye or mney or usney first time hi sex kiya hh or abb saayd 2 ya 5 din me uuske periods aaney wale hh orr I'm not sure about preagnince hmare ghr wale hume maar de ge so what i can do now please please give reply and i promise aainda saadi se phle kbhi sex nhi kru gaa
Bete Monu pehle toh yeh samjh lo zara ki 18 saal se kam umar ki ladki ke saath kiya gaya sex phir chahe who uski marzi se hi kyun na ho RAPE ki category mein aata hai. Isliye aisa sochne wale viyakti ko khud apna chitna karna chahiye aur netik anetik baton par bhi vichar karna chahiye. Ab jaldi ek home pregnancy test lo ya jaldi hi kisi vishagya ya achche panjikrit doctor se mililye. Iske alawa aap FPAI clinic se sampark kar sakety hai jiski jaankari aaapko iski website pe mil jayegi.
anti ji jb bhi m apni gf k sath sex krta hu vo kbhi discharg he nhi hoti chahe m kitni bhi der tk krta rhu bs mne 1 ghte tk lgatar kiya tb bhi uska mn krta rha use koi problm to nhi h
Bete problem tab tak nahi hai jab tak ki isse apki partner ko koi problem na ho! Zara yeh samjh lijiye sabse pehle toh apni partner ki body ko samjh lo- usko time do. partner par focus badhana, foreplay , yaani ki pravesh karne se pehle bahut se alag alag kriyaein karna , jinse dono ko aanand mile, apne partner kee uttejna badhana, yeh sab activitys sabse zaroori hain. zara yeh bhi dhyan se padh lijiye:
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