Low voice low sperm count
Pauline Thomas

Low voice, low sperm count

Men with deep, sexy voices have less sperm in their semen, an Australian study found. Women find guys with deep voices more attractive. So is a deep voice nature’s advert for top-quality sperm? Does anything increases the sperm count? Turns out the opposite is true.

Deep-voiced men’s bodies put more energy into giving a good show than into making sperm.

The crooning bass of singers like Barry White is famous for making women go weak at the knees. And there’s plenty of scientific evidence to back up the cliché. Women find deep voices sexy. Or to put it really bluntly, guys with deep voices get laid more often, according to one study

Under the microscope

They recruited more than fifty male volunteers and got them to provide two samples: a recording of their voice, and a squirt of their sperm. Then they asked a panel of women to say which of the voices were sexier. And they put the sperm under the microscope.

As expected, the women picked out the deep voices as being more attractive. 

But the microscope told a different story. It turned out the men with the higher voices had more sperm. The study did not tell anything about how to increase your sperm count. 

Best chance of success

So what’s the explanation? Here’s the Australian researchers’ theory. 

There are two ways for a male body to increase its chances of making babies. One is to produce lots of testosterone, wow the females with your hunky looks, and woo hordes of them into bed.

For reproduction, this evolutionary strategy has a downside. Sure, you need testosterone to make sperm. But too much of the stuff is actually bad for sperm production. What’s more, looking butch costs your body a lot of energy.

An alternative is for your body to ease off on the testosterone and put all its energy into making loads of sperm. Your less masculine looks might not score so well with the ladies – but if you do get a shot at getting a girl pregnant, your top-notch sperm will give you the best chance of success!

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