Long ring finger big penis

Long ring finger, big penis?

The longer a man’s ring finger is compared to his index finger, the longer his penis is likely to be, a recent South Korean study found. A larger shoe size = a larger penis is a myth, but men’s hands may say more about their owners than we thought. What is normal penis size?

Previous studies have found that men with longer, ultra-masculine ring fingers are likely to be more sporty, macho and aggressive. So the South Korean researchers wondered if finger ratio was also a giveaway for penis length. 


They measured the penises of 144 men, and the measurements were later compared to the difference in length between their right-hand '2D' and '4D' - the second and fourth digits.

Sure enough, they found that more testosterone exposure in the womb makes for a longer penis as well as a longer ring finger. The lower the ‘2D:4D ratio’ between the two fingers, the longer a man’s penis is likely to be.

Work out your 2D:4D ratio

  • Lay your right hand flat, palm up
  • Measure your ring and index fingers from the tip to where they meet your palm  

Index finger length divided by ring finger length equals 2D:4D ratio

  • A lower ratio is more ‘masculine’
  • Women are more likely to have a ratio of 1
  • Men are more likely to have a ratio of less than 1

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