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I feel bad about my weight – what should I do?

By Auntyji Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 16:27
Auntyji, I am a bit fat and chubby. Due to this, I am often embarrassed while walking on the street or when I’m at work. I feel very ashamed. What should I do? Harry (23), Amritsar.

Auntyji says… Oh Harry puttar, kaun hain yeh badtameez? Who is treating you this way? Send them to Auntyji!

Prejudice is universal

Beta, what do you want to hear first? The good news or the bad news? Let’s get over with the bad news first and then the good will sound even better. The bad news is that we are all judged based on our size and shape. Not only that but we are also judged based on our colour, gender, caste, race and choices. Bas mauka millna chahiye!

You may be the coolest, smartest, most productive person and a great guy to be with, but if you’re overweight, people fail to see anything else. You know it’s a bit like what I said last week. You may be a singer, a runner, a topper but if you are gay, you are just that for the rest of the world. If you are chubby, you are just that. So you see beta, prejudice is very universal – people judge you on any damn thing, if given a chance. Okay, bad news bulletin samapt!

For your own sake only

Now the question is, what do you want to do about it? Do you want to do anything about it at all? You seem bothered by it, so ab kya karna hai? Harry puttar, sun beta, one option is to be slim to avoid being judged. When people embarrass you, you need to conform and you will have to lose weight. The other is to want to be fit, healthy and energetic. That will make you feel better and stronger.

You have to choose the right reason and then work on it. I say being healthy and fit and not bothering to ‘fit in’ is the key.

You just focus on your body, your good health and your energy for now and for the years to come. Bolne de logon ko jo bolna hai.

Do you believe that you need to tone up, tighten up for yourself or be quicker, lighter and more energetic? Well then, you have to grab those running shoes now! Whatever your body shape and size is, you have be happy first. That’s all!

Feel small, termed big

Feeling unfit restricts you from making good and strong choices for yourself. Beta Harry, there is no point feeling that way and not doing anything to change it. So change people’s perceptions on this issue and equally change your way of  handling these sort of comments.

If you believe you are indifferent to these remarks, then just handle it like that. You can scream, “Hey, I am perfectly okay, back off all the judgements!” Don’t let anyone’s comment on your weight and size come in the way of you living your life king size.

We often get caught up in such situations that pressure us to conform, to belong and to stop the damn bak bak. If you continue to be affected by these comments, you will eventually feel worse about yourself. Your self worth will go into the dustbin and you will begin to be apologetic about yourself, for your weight, for your size and for who you are. You are just chubby, that shouldn’t affect your self respect. Remember that!

In the end, focus on good health and high energy in every sphere of life. Be active, full of life and take full charge of your body and your feelings, beta. That’s the mantra to happiness. Kuch toh log kahengee, logon ka kaam hai kehnaa...

To protect the privacy of the author, the person in the picture is a model.

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