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Should I worry about my small penis?

Q: I have a very small penis. I want to get married but I am worried that I won't be able to satisfy my future wife. I don't know what to do to make my penis thicker. I am very nervous. Please help me, Auntyji. – Sameer, Agra.

Auntyji says... I like your attitude, Sameer puttar. Rather than just worrying about a problem, you actually want to do something about it. Unfortunately, the short answer is that you can’t make your penis bigger, whatever all the fake ads claim. But no, you shouldn’t be worried either.

So you think that your penis is small. Maybe you’re right about it betaji. I will give you the benefit of lack of any evidence. But let's just consider a couple of quick facts.

Sameer puttar there are two things. One, an average male penis is usually 12 centimeters long when erect (measuring from where it meets the stomach to the tip). Two, I have yet to come across a woman for whom sexual pleasure was limited by her partner’s penis size.

So lets talk about the matter of size first. Or should I say the size of the matter. I know you boys like to compare sizes and share exploits. But we all know the reality. Just like you, your friends have mastered the art of boasting and the craft or exaggeration. Every round of drinks adds an inch. It is quite likely that you are quite sufficiently endowed and just a bit more truthful than your friends. So betaji just don’t worry about these things. If you’re in double digits in centimeters then why fret my son.

Of course, it is possible that you really do have a micropenis, but that is very rare, so I’m assuming you probably don’t. You can read more about this in our information about penis shapes and sizes.

So let’s take a more likely scenario where we actually lack a bit in size, but not in an unusual way. Again I would say, worry not puttar ji. In my extremely humble opinion, unless you’re aiming for a career in pornography, a larger penis really doesn’t matter. I am sure you must have realized that your size makes no impact on the amount of your pleasure.

Good news is that most women feel it doesn’t affect their pleasure either. I see that you are looking to get married and worried about your wife’s expectations. Well that’s a good thing to think about. What we need to master is the technique, not the tool. A woman’s vagina is an extremely hospitable environment for a welcome penis and would happily accommodate all shapes and sizes.

Sameer, what you need to ensure is that you understand her needs well. Any penis would be able to reach her pleasure points, and the rest can be taken care of by your hands and tongue. And betaji never forget that your heart can do wonders too.

Save your money
Now lets talk about your original question, the one about making your penis thicker. Since the penis gets so much exercise its impossible for it to gain any fat. Yes, that’s a very bad joke. Penis is actually just a muscle and its rigidity is determined by the flow of blood. There is no scientifically proven way to increasing its length or girth once you have reached your adult size. Yes, different websites, friends and foes will suggest multiple solutions. Save your time, money and energy, and just listen to your dear Auntyji.

Don’t worry about the penis and its girth. What really matter is love. Just throw oodles of it on to your wife and you’ll be all set my boy. Sameer puttar always remember one thing, size does matter, but only the size of your heart.

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