‘Yes I do, but alone’

‘Yes I do, but alone’

When we think about porn, we imagine a picture of a man watching it. But do you know Indian women are among the biggest consumers of porn in the world? Love Matters India asked young women about their porn consumption, choices, and patterns.

Meme it

I consume porn in the form of memes. There are many Instagram pages with such adult content. There’s no video in memes — only a still and some text along with it. I watch it alone.

Stuti, 19, college student

A friendly affair

I consume text-porn on my phone. I have a friend who sends me links sometimes that I read up on my phone. It’s an (smartphone) app (application) actually. I keep installing and uninstalling that app. I can’t recall its name right now. 

Whatever I read, I only share it with her (pointing to her friend Eram, who she was eating momos with). She is my best friend, and all our habits are alike. Even our porn consumption is the same. I don’t have any specific themes that I follow, and just read whatever I find.

Shweta, 21, administrative officer

I’ve got all I want

I have a fiancé and he’s been around for a long time. I never watch porn. I’ve never needed to. 

Esha, 22, teleoperator

Let’s get practical

Pehle boyfriend tha, phir shaadi ho gayi… (Earlier I had a boyfriend, then I got married and have a husband now…). And to be honest, I seriously don’t like the idea of porn. I believe in practicality. 

Maneka, 29, apparel store manager

Only halaal talks, please

No, I don’t watch porn. As it is, Ramzan is on right now, so, I shouldn’t talk about such stuff. Actually, main mohammaden hoon (Actually, I am a Muslim). Also, I am married now…I have watched before marriage, to know what it is, and how it is. Every woman does. I would watch it alone on phone. There was no specific theme that I watched. 

Tabassum, 29, technical advisor in beauty salon

A rare view

I rarely watch porn. By rarely, I mean that in the past two-three months, I’ve only watched twice. I just scroll through the content on a website without logging in with the intention of watching anything specific. I mostly watch it alone, and sometimes with partner.

Kanwalpreet, 24, PhD scholar

Something with a story 

I’ve barely watched porn two-three times in the past one year. I like the kind of porn that has a storyline in it.  I am married but I’ve been separated from my husband for a year now. Still trying to make things work and get back together.

I watch porn alone now, obviously. But when husband was there, I used to watch it with him. Everyone has needs. I suggest everyone to consume porn. 

Jagriti, 27, relationship manager in share market

To fill the gaps

I used to watch porn earlier, not anymore. Even then, it was thrice a year types. And I’ve always watched alone, or maybe twice or thrice with partners; that’s it. Maybe I consumed more porn when I was not sexually satisfied or when I didn’t have a stable partner…now I do!

Preetika, 28, video producer

This I like, that I don’t

Yes, I watch it over video. But I haven’t seen in a long time. When I watch, I watch it alone, on my smartphone. There’s nothing specific that I always watch, but I like soft-core porn. The incest category in porn scares me!

Kiara, 21, student

Always leading somewhere

When alone, I read porn. When with a partner, we have watched it together. But we also found it counterproductive as it raises unrealistic expectations. I always like porn with a backstory, a setting, a situation. Never ‘straight on, lets get naked kind of porn’. It needs to have a decent storyline.

Sadhna, 27, communications executive

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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