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Ten love tips to give a man better orgasms

Men are not always in the ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ mood. They like foreplay, buildup and intimacy too. Here are ten love tips and ways to better his moment of ecstasy.
  1. Take control and give him the night off
    Want an awesome love tip? Men are wired to think that they have to take control and be in charge. Some men think that if they are incredible lovers, they have to make their partner go crazy in bed. Unfortunately, that keeps them under the constant pressure to perform, sometimes at the cost of their own pleasure. So what’s better than to tell him it’s his turn to just lay back. Let him enjoy while you take charge and pleasure him.
  2. Nothing works like a surprise!
    Spontaneity can give him the kick. Think of intimacy when he is least expecting it. Perhaps a quickie in the parking lot after you’ve just finished shopping? Find a surprising moment to get intimate with him. A weekend morning could be a good time. That's usually when men are most relaxed and their testosterone levels are at their peak
  3. Use your tongue where it matters
    Kiss him, lick him, suck him and get him wet. Many men love a good blowjob. The most sensitive part of a man’s penis is the head. Take the head into your mouth. Your hands can also provide the stimulation to his penis. Don’t forget his testicles. They love caressing too. Licking his ears and toes can also give him the pleasure goosies.
  4. A striptease can never fail
    Want more love tips? Good sex need not always be all about ripping off each other’s clothes and jumping into bed. Instead, try giving him an eyeful. Stand in front of him, look him straight in the eye and do a seductive, sensual strip down, piece-by-piece. To see you slowly unveiling the goods can certainly get his pulse pounding.
  5. Quickies can be fun
    Sometimes sex without ceremony does the trick. Be the instigator. A quick love tip? A quick swift lustful one before he leaves for work can set him up for a fabulous day at work.

    To know more ways to pleasure him, watch our animated video now!
  • Hold back and build up his desire
    Don’t just give it away, all at once. The best love tip? Tease him, entice him, seduce him to a point where he can’t hold on anymore. Kiss him gently on his neck before he leaves for work or send him a surprise dirty love note at work or even a seductive, teasing message. The trick is to plant a sexual seed that will flower into a stronger orgasm later that day.
  • Stroke him to a climax
    Love him, pamper him and stroke him. This is the best love tip for you! Use your hands and fingers to stroke his testicles and the penis. Start with gentle slow strokes and then proceed to more gripping, faster ones. The tension in his testicles only heightens the passion in his mind and vice versa. The more the pressure, the more the pleasure during the release.
  • Talk dirty
    Some men love dirty talking and find it sexy when it comes from their partner. Tell him exactly what moves you're craving or how good you feel when he is making love to you, in vivid detail.
  • Foreplay
    One must never start a workout without a proper warm up right? The rules are not very different for sex either. Foreplay pays. The longer the foreplay, the stronger your orgasm. You could ignite his libido with a few sensual kisses, then proceed to his neck and ears while your hands get working down below.
  • Drive him to the edge
    But don't push him over yet. When he's this close to an orgasm, take a tiny breather and delay his ejaculation by a few more minutes. This creates sexual tension that could drive him crazy, in a good way. Make sure to keep the momentum up by stroking and licking him. In short, do everything that makes him feel loved, special and wanted.

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