Female orgasm - Ten must know facts

Sex is not just about intercourse. It also means pleasure, fun, ecstasy and orgasm. Love Matters brings you a list of tips to help her enjoy her orgasm.
  1.  Stop that ticking clock Women are sometimes conscious about taking too long to reach an orgasm. This ends up in them faking an orgasm or deciding to wrap up without one. To help her enjoy her climax, first get her to relax. Tell her fun is in running the race together and not reaching the finishing line first.
  2. Those breasts need loving
    Always remember, the action is not just down there. Women have erogenous zones in their upper body too. Love her breasts to start the magic. Caress them, lick them and proceed to the nipples.
  3. Tell her you like the way she looks when undressed
    Women who worry about the way they look are less likely to orgasm easily during sex. Also, women who feel embarrassed or ashamed about their bodies are less sexually assertive. Clearly, you have everything to gain with flattery. If you love the way she looks naked, share it with her. She will love it if someone she admires appreciates her body.
  4. Get your head in and savour her
    She loves to see you eating her. Get your head in and get her wet. Roll your tongue all around and inside her and watch her go ecstatic.
  5. Foreplay is not optional!
    More often than not, women need the perfect setting and the right mood to enjoy sex. Kiss her hard, play with her hair, slowly undress her, kiss her neck, suck her toes, let her get comfortable with her nakedness and let her long for you. If she likes it, you could even try watching porn together, before you get started.

    To know more about ways to make love to her, watch our animated video now!

      6. Go oral, get anal
       Some women love it when you mix it all up. Ask her if she likes going anal. Don't forget to use a lube before       getting anal.

      7. Make sure she’s also into it
      While you are on the job, you can ask her to masturbate herself. It’s a heady mix and then there is no stopping.

     8. The G-Spot
      Don’t fret if you can’t find her G-spot. Chances are she’s struggling to find it too! It is usually a couple of inches i   inside the vagina, on the top of the vaginal wall. Relax and have fun enjoying the exploration with your fingers.

     9. Try new positions
      Predictability is a dampener. To keep the passion ignited, try new positions each time. If experimenting is your thing, go ahead and try new things. It’s a lot of fun for both and you also get to know what turns her on more.

     10. Lastly, be gentle and go slow
     Whatever you do, be gentle and don’t hurt her. The idea is for both of you to have fun. Be wild but go easy. If she’s in pain, there’s no gain. Ask her if she likes your pace or slow down. Women take longer to get there so do hold on even if you are done. Try to start again and enjoy the pleasure of multiple orgasms.

*To protect the identity, names have been changed and the person/s in the picture is/are models.

This article was first published on August 29, 2016.

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