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Orgasms: top five facts

Orgasms can be earth-shattering, toe-curling experiences of pleasure! But what if you're tired and know you can't come tonight – should you fake it? Are there differences between men and women climaxing? To find out read our top five facts.
  1. What is an orgasm?When you are very aroused during sex or masturbation, you can have an orgasm (it’s also called coming or climaxing). All your muscles tense, your heart rate speeds up and you might moan or groan with pleasure. Men (and some women) ejaculate when they orgasm. An orgasm will give you a very intense sensation of pleasure, leaving you relaxed and usually feeling satisfied afterwards.
  2. Her orgasmFor many women, intercourse by itself isn’t enough to have an orgasm. To climax they need to have their clitoris directly stimulated, perhaps by rubbing or licking, Compared to the vagina, the clitoris is much more sensitive – it’s like the end of the penis.While it seems to be harder for women to orgasm than for men, there are some pay-offs. Women can have multiple orgasms in a very short time. Their orgasms last much longer than men's. On average, women orgasm for 15 to 20 seconds, men for just a few seconds. But it's also normal not to orgasm every time you try. Just stay relaxed and have fun, trying too hard won’t help!To know more about ways to make love to her, watch our animated video now!
  • His orgasmWhen a man comes while having intercourse, he usually stops moving back and forth. At this point it’s usually too sensitive to move. After an orgasm the head of the penis, the glans, is usually very sensitive. If you touch it, it can be very uncomfortable. This is why men need some time to recover from an orgasm.When he ejaculates during orgasm, sperm comes shooting out of his penis at 46 kilometres an hour!
  • Faking it...… isn't a good idea. A recent study found that one in three women fake orgasms on occasion. Men do it too, but only one in four has felt the need to fake it. People don’t do it because they want the sex to be over with, or to hurt their partner’s feelings – usually quite the opposite, they want to make their partner feel good.But faking it regularly may mean that you'll lose interest in having sex. And, more importantly, your partner won’t have any reason to change his or her game and make an effort to satisfy you! So be true to yourself and your partner – don't fake it! Sex is so much fun if you don't have to fake anything.
  • Orgasms and animalsHumans are not the only ones who have sex for fun - dolphins and some apes and monkeys have sex just for pure pleasure too. And while some people will no doubt be jealous of pigs for being able to orgasm for 30 minutes straight, men will not be glad not to have been born as bees. When a male bee gets lucky with the queen, the male's genitals snap off and explode during orgasm. How glad are you not to be a bee right now?
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