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Does a woman's orgasm really depend on penis size?

Are you a man who keeps searching on how to increase penis size? For women who have vaginal orgasms during sex, a longer penis might increase pleasure, an international study found. In the debate on whether penis size matters, it’s not surprising that the answer depends on the individual.

Do you worry about how to increase penis size? Well, here is some research. Almost 30 percent of women never reach orgasm during sexual intercourse, the study of 321 participants found. The researchers were interested in the rest – the 160 women who had either vaginal or clitoral orgasms during intercourse.


In the study, women of different ages, backgrounds, and nationalities filled out a survey about their orgasms over the past month, answering questions like how often they’d had a vaginal or a clitoral orgasm and whether it was during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

The women were also asked how important actual intercourse was compared to other things like foreplay. The researchers were especially curious to find out whether these women thought the length of a penis mattered for their pleasure during intercourse. 

How long is the average erect penis? Should men be worried about how to increase penis size?

The women were told to imagine it was about the length of a US dollar bill. In reality, an erect penis is on average between about 4.7 and 5.9 inches (12-17cm), though smaller or larger is also normal.

Vaginal orgasms

Sixty percent of women say penis length makes no difference – they’re just as likely to get off during intercourse if their partner has a long penis or an average one.

But the researchers dug deeper and found that the almost 34 percent of women who prefer a longer penis probably do so because they have more vaginal orgasms compared to other women. What’s more, these women say that sexual intercourse is more important than other things like oral sex or masturbating with their partner.

Should you be worried about how to increase penis size? A longer penis could stimulate parts that an average penis might not reach, like the cervix and the vagus nerve, say the study’s authors. 

Erotic sensations

But it’s not just a longer penis that ups a woman’s chances of having a vaginal orgasm during sexual intercourse. There may very well be some truth to the saying, ‘It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean,’ since better and harder erections and having intercourse for longer can make a difference when it comes to vaginal orgasms. Being in a sexually healthy and intimate relationship and lots of sexual desire also go a long way. So too does having a masculine, and super attractive lover, research has shown.

Even with all these factors in place, it seems some women have vaginal orgasms all the time, while others never do. Differences in certain parts of a woman’s genital anatomy, like the vagus nerve, which carries signals from the cervix and vagina to the brain, could be part of the reason. Women who are more aware of erotic sensations in their vaginas, and can control their pelvic muscles well might also have more vaginal orgasms.

So what do you think? Does size matter? Do you worry about how to increase penis size? Leave a comment below or on Facebook.

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