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We celebrated our anniversary by watching a sexual play

By Sraboni Basu Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 12:27
Amrita and Ishan are not an ordinary couple. They decided to celebrate their anniversary by watching a play. Little did they know what would happen next…

Amrita and Ishan are 28-year-old media professionals from New Delhi.

A unique play date

I met Ishan at a corporate event three years ago. He was a marketing manager with one of her oldest clients. We worked closely together on several projects and soon our relationship progressed beyond work.

We had both completed three years of being in a relationship that day. I, a graduate in fine arts from Delhi University loved theatre and performing arts. Ishan was a complete gadget freak. Giving up to my constant pleading and pursuing, Ishan agreed to watch a play with me and celebrate the night.

We both went to watch a play directed by my best-friend. The shows had already made news for the impressive and bold acts reflecting the changing face of modern India women. We were so excited to experience it together. 

The play, A Story Untold unfolded the life of Elina, a young, talented and ambitious writer who wanted the world to read her tales. We settled into our seats got quickly engrossed in watching her powerful and passionate performance.

Unapologetic and unabashed

As the play progressed, the protagonist raised her bar and started exhibiting phenomenal performance skills. It was a gripping tale of passion where Elina herself experiments with the storylines she wanted to write about, mostly centred on the sexual desires of women. As the play progressed, there were many passionate love-making scenes between Elina and her partners. The scenes were well portrayed but were far more explicit than what Ishan and I had ever seen in public or on stage.

It was certainly not similar to watching an erotic movie. We had always watched movies in intimate settings of our home. Somehow the screen always made it a distant experience. But to watch it on stage with flesh and blood actors felt like a surreal experience.

At one point, Elina is seen having a very loud orgasm after a very passionate and at times aggressive love making. There was a heavy silence in the auditorium. I wasn’t sure if everyone was just awkward or simply spellbound. The audience even left the hall very quietly but I noticed that many a couple were now holding hands.

Rekindled passion

When we reached home, we both hit the bed together. All the champagne and food on the table had to just wait. The play had aroused strong passions and we wanted to make the most of the experience.

After a round of passionate sex, Ishan opened the champagne to celebrate our anniversary. We congratulated each other on trying out something new, that had truly added that extra zing to our night.

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