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All-time most romantic moments in Mumbai

Struggling to find romantic ideas? Some young Mumbaikars share their most romantic moments. Read on to get ideas and be inspired…

Antique antics

-Avani Patel* 29, travel and food blogger.

My husband has always pampered me with chocolates and flowers. Every time he gifts me something, it takes a special place in my heart. But the most distinctive gift I have ever received from him was an antique wall hanging. We were on our honeymoon trip to Europe and I had my eyes set on this beautiful, yet very expensive, wall piece. When we got back, he had it couriered to me on my birthday a few weeks later with our trip photos. I was surprised by his gesture. The wall piece now hangs near our bed since three years.

Breaking secular barriers

-Unnati Sinha, 22, dance instructor.

I belong to a Hindu family and I was dating a Christian boy from college. When I invited him for a religious ceremony at my home, he surprised me and my family by wearing traditional Indian clothes. Not only did he change his attire, he also learned all the chants and prayers in Hindi, without my help, to impress my family.  I think I fell in love with him for the second time that day. My parents were happy about my choice too.

Homemade Master Chef

-Chetna Mahadik* 24, product head.

Breaking away from all gender stereotypes, my boyfriend is the cook in our relationship. I consider myself lucky to be treated with a new dish and dessert every weekend. My boyfriend has a busy schedule as a bank consultant but loves to pamper me whenever he gets a chance. Every holiday with him is like a food ‘orgy’ for us.  I feel really exceptional about this since I never really cook myself.

Comic patch-ups

-Kalpana Joshi* 25, photojournalist.

I've always been more moved by smaller, meaningful gestures than textbook, romantic ones. My boyfriend's done a lot of both, but the one thing that really stayed with me was a comic strip he made with us as characters. He even named the two characters and for a while every time we fought, he'd send me a fresh comic and it'd make things better. We loved the idea so much that the comic and its characters have just become a part of our relationship now.

Love in a lunchbox

-Amit Chakravarty* 22, junior accountant.

During summer vacations last year, I accepted an internship at a prestigious accounting firm. The work was tiring and took a lot of my time. I was skipping lunch and breakfast almost every day. Surprisingly, my office was close to my girlfriend’s house and after she noticed that I was missing my meals, every afternoon, she would bring me a home-cooked lunch in a box. She also ensured that I spent fifteen minutes with her and finished my afternoon meal. I was so touched by her caring nature. Our bond grew stronger during those lunch breaks.

*All names have been changed on request.

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