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Porn: Top Five Facts

Pornography can be fun, inspiring, and a real turn on! But isn't it degrading for women? What's the difference between soft and hard porn? When do you know you've had enough? Keep reading to find out more in the 16th edition of our top five facts.
  1. What's out there?
    Pornography is pictures or videos of sex which are designed to turn you on. 'Soft porn' leaves something to the imagination. It might show a man and woman kissing, or a woman in sexy underwear. 'Hard-core porn' shows clear images of sex, for example a naked woman with her legs apart or a close-up of a man and woman having intercourse.
  2. Is it only for men?
    No! More and more women seem to enjoy watching porn every once in a while, studies say. There's even porn made specifically for women. Lots of porn on the internet often shows violence towards women, or women being degraded, and the women are only there to give pleasure to the men. So porn for women shows for more of what women want: more realistic sex with real people.
  3. Is it real?
    When you look at porn, you often see things most people don’t experience in real life. Sex involving several people, sex between strangers or blindfold sex - anything’s possible in porn. But remember that it's not like real-life sex. It’s for you to fantasize about. Don’t expect real sex to be the way it is in porn movies.

    What’s more, the actors in porn films usually have bigger muscles and penises than most men. And the actresses are much thinner and have bigger breasts than most women – and they’ve often had breast enlargements or other cosmetic surgery. And in porn, no one wears a condom!
  4. Is it cheating?
    This is a very difficult question to answer with a straight yes or no. The answer depends on several factors: are you in a relationship? Does your partner know you are watching porn? Is your partner OK with you watching it? A lot more questions to answer one question, but this is it in a nutshell – if you can answer yes to all of the above questions, you should be okay.

    If you watch porn secretly or feel guilty about it, you’re partner could feel that you’ve been ‘mentally unfaithful’ if they found out. Or they might feel uncomfortable about the content of the porn you’ve been watching. So the best policy is to be honest with yourself and your partner and talk about watching porn.
  5. Is there a downside?
    It's not wrong to watch porn, and you certainly won’t be alone if you do! In principle, it's alright to be turned on by sexy films or pictures. As long as you remember it’s not real life. You can fantasise about whatever you like, but there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality.

    Also, porn can be addictive. It can even start to spoil real-life sex, because you find you start enjoying porn more than the real thing. And trying to make the real thing like porn won't work. If you find yourself wanting to watch more and more extreme kinds of porn, it’s time to stop.

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Mark Allen
Fri, 08/07/2015 - 22:29
For an elderly man (70's) who has much more sex drive than his wife he is motivated towards porn and in many cases his wife understands. It seems like most males had a hidden stash of girlie magazines from their early teens (or before) and on. Overall, this seems to be a safe means of satisfaction.
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