Women have wet dreams too
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Women have wet dreams too

Most men have had a wet dream at some point in their lives. What’s less well known is that women can also come in their sleep, says Dr Ellen Laan, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam.

Some women are woken in the night by the intense pleasure of an orgasm. There’s usually no ejaculate, but the vagina does become wet and lubricated.

Yet women’s night-time climaxes largely remain a mystery, says Dr Laan, who specialises in studying the differences between male and female sexual arousal.

“Why don’t we know more about women’s experiences? Because women’s organs are on the inside. They can’t see and feel what’s happening to their genitals the way men can.”


For men, you know you’ve had a wet dream, or ‘nocturnal emission’, when you wake up and feel the damp patch on your bed. You might think you’ve peed, but in fact, it’s semen. It happens spontaneously and often men have a wet dream without even dreaming about sex.

“Men have about four to five erections a night, connected with rapid eye movement,” Dr Laan says. “We think this happens because it’s good for sex organs to be engorged with blood on a regular basis – it’s healthy for the tissue.”

Friction or squeezing

The same also applies to women. “We have studies measuring vaginal reactions during sleep and you see the same pattern of arousal that you see in men.”

While women’s genitals become engorged, it usually takes a little more stimulus to produce an orgasm.

“So suppose you’re a woman in this cycle. If your sensitivity threshold is low, you may only need a little bit of friction or a little bit of squeezing of the muscles in the groin to give you an orgasm. This is often instinctive because you’re half asleep.”

To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model. 

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I am a 60 year old happily married female and have wet dreams when my husband is away on business. I have only had about ten in my life, and they were accompanied by a sexy dream. I assumed we all had them until I was talking to a couple of friends about them last week who had never heard of such a thing. So it was great to read this and seen it is quite normal.
Now i am of 16 and getting wet dreams from previous two years and i felt that my body is also not growing due to this and my face is also getting dull..is there any treatment?since i need it very much..
Relax Aayush There is nothing wrong with having wet dreams. They are a normal part of growing up. Even if you have a lot of wet dreams it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. And they don't have any bad effects on your health. https://lovematters.in/en/news/wet-dreams-top-five-facts
I had one pretty recently, it was pretty darn erotic and the best orgasm ever! I thought I was the only one so glad to know by reading the comments that I'm not!!
Well last night I woke up because I felt something wet on my bottom, as a child I have never wet the bed before or had any insodence like that when I web to the bathroom to Check my pad because I was on my period it was soaking wet, like it was to the max of its absorbing. When I asked my boyfriend he said it was probably a wet dream, is that even possible? Can a girl release that much fluid during an orgasm?
I had wet dreams and I'm very much super excited. and I fell something between my legs and its really wet. I woke up and that time my husband and me .. We do it in actual.. I feel so great ...
I am 45yrs old, & have had wet dreams my whole life,. always reaching orgasm. I usually wake up as i am climaxing,. & have learnt to 'go with it',.. lol.. have at least one a fortnight, sometimes more often. I always thought it was a normal thing for all women,. but learnt i'm just one of the 'lucky ones' :)
Confused too
Fri, 08/21/2015 - 14:06
Me too l do have wet dreams but mostly it happens if l spend sometime without sex with my wife. Am a christian to me to dream having sex with an unknown person or even to have a wet dream on its own its not right its a bad spirit. Thts my belief am really struggling to get deliverd from such Spirit
I am 28 years old and I had my first orgasm while sleeping last night. I even remember the dream that brought me to orgasm. I thought I waa just dreaming but now after reading this I guess I really did have a wet dream. It felt amazing as if I were having sex.
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