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The vulva means all of the female sexual organs on the outside of your body, between your legs.

Look for yourself

Do you know what your vulva looks like? Take a mirror, then you can see and feel all the different parts of it properly.

  • Make sure you’re on your own, and no one can walk in on you.
  • Lean back on a pillow, pull up your legs and let them fall either side of you.
  • Take the mirror. Pull your labia – the lips of your vagina – apart a little so you can see everything properly.
  • Apart from looking carefully, you can also feel.
  • If you notice that your labia minora (inner lips), labia majora (outer lips), or clitoris is not visible. And you remember going through a special ceremony to become a woman when you were younger, you may have been circumcised or cut.
  • Check out the section female genital cutting to learn more about how this could affect the way your vulva looks.



It’s useful to get to know your own body well. Then you know what you look like. You also know what feels good, what you like and what you don’t like. When you have sex, it will be easer for you to let your partner know what you want.

No two women are alike! So your vulva may look different from others.


Use warm water to wash your vulva, but it’s not a good idea to use soap, especially on your inner labia and inside your vagina.

Soap can upset the natural balance of bacteria and actually make you more likely to get yeast (fungal) infections. It can also be a cause of itching and irritation, or pain during intercourse. If you do choose to wash your labia with soap, use a gentle one without strong perfumes.

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