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Medical abortion

Woman holding pills
With a medical abortion you first take a pill that stops the pregnancy – it blocks the hormone that keeps you pregnant.
  • Early Medical Abortion (up to nine weeks of pregnancy):
    An early medical abortion is very similar to having an early natural miscarriage. There are two different pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol you take these 36-48 hours apart. You can take 200mg of the first pill at a clinic or at your doctor’s, and the second you can safely take at home. The first pill makes sure the fertilized egg can’t settle in the womb, and the second pushes it out. After taking the second pill it takes about 4-6 hours for everything to leave the body. Generally this is painless, although the pills may cause some bleeding, cramps, diarrhoea and sickness. This may feel like really bad period pains. You’re not likely to notice the embryo among the blood clots – It’s still no bigger than a small grape at 8 weeks, and even smaller earlier in the pregnancy. If the bleeding and pain feel too severe, you should go to the nearest clinic or hospital.
  • Late Medical Abortion (from 9 weeks of pregnancy):
    If you’ve been pregnant for more than 9 weeks, you can still have a medical abortion. , The procedure is the same as for an early medical abortion, but you’ll need more than one dose of Misoprostol. You have to wait a short time in between doses, so it takes a little longer. Sometimes the placenta or afterbirth does not pass, and needs to be removed surgically under general anaesthesia.
    If you need a late medical abortion, you should go to a health clinic – don’t try it at home. Buying medication with the advise of local chemists have proven to be fatal and life threatening for women, medical supervision is encouraged.