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I have no orgasms with him – what should I do?

By Auntyji Tuesday, July 21, 2015 - 13:19
Q: I have amazing orgasms from masturbation but hardly ever with my boyfriend. We often have sex but I have had an orgasm only three times with him. He is very nice but I am not sexually satisfied. What should I do? Neha (22), Dehradun

Auntyji says... Beta Neha, nice is fine, but where is the spice?! How long can a girl go on with ‘nice’ if the banda is thanda?! No, no, I am not saying your partner is not sexy, but yes, that may well be one of the issues. So beta, let’s see what we have here.

You know your body and you know how it reacts, that’s just great. You know you enjoy ‘manual stimulation’ or masturbation, so it is not the method that’s the problem – it may well be the individual technique.So what you going to do now? Beta Neha, you get your act together first. Find out if it’s you who is distracted, not turned on enough, maybe even judging him for ‘it’s not going to happen’. Get all these issues sorted first.

Crossed wires?

Beta Neha, are you sure you are turned on enough? Are you spending enough time on foreplay, have you told Mr Really Nice what you like and what it is that turns you on or off? Are you both ready for sex as much as each other before you begin on sex, or is there a little voice telling you, ‘it’s going to be so boring’?You see, sometimes our sexual energies don’t totally match – you want something, he doesn’t get it, he wants to do it, but doesn’t know how you want it. Too many crossed wires!On the other hand, it can take a really long time for couples to settle down to what works for them sexually. You may really like and love each other but are just not able to get it right in sex.

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