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The most harrowing rickshaw ride

By Roli Mahajan Monday, March 16, 2015 - 10:15
“Delhi autowallahs are known for their nakhras. But you couldn’t possibly imagine what happened to me that day on a ride to Lajpat Nagar,” says Anu.

Anu (name changed) works for a publishing house in Delhi.

My colleague and I decided to go to Lajpat Nagar the other day. We knew it would be a pain to get an auto-rickshaw to our destination because it was during peak hours. So we were very glad when this auto-rickshaw driver agreed to give us a ride, that too on a regular fare. We were surprised he did not charge us extra “for the traffic, madam,” as they say.

We settled and started gossiping about work. We absorbed in cribbing about the amount of work we had in office. After sometime we were like why is this auto-rickshaw guy so slow? I told my friend, that I found it strange that the guy seemed to be driving with one hand.

No second hand

We gave him directions every now and then, but continued to talk. From time to time, this guy would look at us through the rear view mirror. I somehow did not like the way the guy looked at us. And in my head, I was also trying to figure out why he wasn't using the second hand to steer.

I kept trying to peek and see what this guy was doing. But I didn’t want to bring too much attention to my suspicions, so I kept speaking to my friend. My friend's only complaint was that this guy was very slow at driving, while my concerns were mounting. At one point, I sort of said, "Bhaiya, doosra haath bhi istemaal kar lijiye (Please use your other hand as well),” and he said, “Kar toh raha hoon (I certainly am using it).”


We reached our destination and I jumped out of the auto first. The guy's fly was open and there was semen all over. He crossed his leg on seeing me, I didn’t know what to say or do. I was disgusted. My friend seemed to be unaware of this as she was looking into her purse for money. She paid him and he returned the change with those filthy hands.

I said, "Priya, that guy was using his other hand to masturbate."  We looked like cartoon characters with disgusted expressions on their faces and blank minds. She threw the money away and we lost our ambitions for the outing that day.

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i was returning in the evening from college,on that day i get a auto from highway (bhubaneswar to katak) and there was two girls with black dresses with mini skirts, the auto driver was watching them from rear mirror and vibrate himself. i was confused because it was a winter season and he was of middle age.when i get down at link road a little dark place i saw he was masturbating and watching porn videos in is mobile.... placing near to his was just disgusting
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