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The 8 signs you’re with the right partner

How do you know if you’ve found the right partner? Lust or loneliness can cloud your judgement, so run through this checklist: eight solid signs your love is made to last.

1) You trust each other

You may have played games in the beginning, but when you realise you’ve found the right partner you begin to open up and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You tell your secrets. Your lives become entangled. This is a gamble, and it requires trust.

Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. Without it, they fall apart. If you are with the right partner, trust should be the foundation on which your relationship is built.

2) You communicate

When you’re with someone you really care about, you listen and care about what they have to say – you don’t just wait for your turn to speak. And once you’ve listened you speak, not only with your words, but with your actions.

Communication with your partner should feel open, safe and trusting, not something daunting and to be avoided. You should feel able to approach them any time with a problem, and not be afraid to bring up important issues. You should communicate with each other out of care and concern, not judgment and criticism.

3) You are honest with each other

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and honesty is the bricks and mortar. Partners in a loving relationship are honest with each other, not just about their past and their actions, but about their feelings and their fears. You need to feel secure about being honest, and secure that your partner is being honest with you.

4) You Compromise

Every relationship has its occasional disagreements and difficulties – it’s how you respond to such situations that shows whether or not you are a good fit. A steady, loving relationship is in one in which both partners are open to making compromises.

Couples don’t have to like the same thing all the time. From time to time, you will have to do something you aren’t particularly enthusiastic about – from watching a movie that makes you yawn, to missing your big night out for your partner’s family event. Another time they’ll do the same for you. Give and take, and willingness to compromise, is a sign that you’re in a healthy relationship.


5) You express your love

Love can be expressed in many ways, from a simple ‘I love you’ to an impromptu back rub at the end of the day. It’s easy to get so caught up in your own life that you forget about your partner’s. Loving couples make an effort to understand whatever it is their partner is going through, and make them feel better about it by showing concern.

Perhaps the easiest way to express love is by giving compliments – not false compliments, not white lies, but genuine declarations that make your loved one feel more attractive and appreciated.

6) You help each other grow

If your partner is considering a career change, you should support them. If your partner is trying to quit smoking, you should be by their side, ready to help. It is hurtful when someone you love takes no interest in your personal struggles.

In a loving couple, you treat each other’s achievements as if they were your own, and inspire each other to become better people. The right partner doesn’t hinder you or drag you down but is supportive and helps you grow.

7) You make time for each other, and also provide space

No matter how busy you may be, your relationship should remain a major priority in your life. Spending time with you partner shouldn’t feel like a burden, but a pleasure you look forward to.

At the same time, spending too much time with your partner can dull your relationship, and you should never be too dependent on your partner for your own happiness. Instead, allow your partner the time and space they need to explore their own unique passions, and never begrudge them the time they spend with their friends or loved ones. Maintaining a little independence from each other will help your relationship grow strong.

8) You stick together when times are tough

The right partner will be there beside you, whether times are good or bad. It is one of the best and clearest indicators of the way a person feels to see how they behave when you pass through a difficult situation together. If they’re not there to help you through minor turbulence now, you probably can’t depend on them to be there when times become truly difficult.

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