Breaking up

Do you feel like you’ve given your all to your relationship, but it's not working? Breaking up with your partner is never easy, but sometimes you have to do it. Read more to help try to avoid emotional stress and practical problems that come with breaking up.


Knowing when to break up

Do you feel like you’ve given it all you’ve got to your relationship? Does your relationship make you tired? Or have you just grown apart? Do you see no light at the end of the tunnel? Well, then it’s probably time to consider ending your relationship.

Being friends with your ex

After you’ve ended your relationship, one big looming question is whether you can remain friends with your ex. There’s no clear answer to that question. It depends on you, your ex and how the relationship ended. What worked for your best friend might not work for you so don’t look at people around you for references. Trust your instincts.

Recovering from a break-up

Healing from the wounds of a broken relationship is difficult. If you’ve been in a long term relationship or been living with your partner, it could mean a change in your lifestyle. You may feel differently depending on whether you’ve been ‘dumped’ or you did the dumping. People who have been through both say that being dumped is much worse – not surprisingly. It’s a blow to your self-esteem. In either case though, it’s not easy.

How to break up

If you’re the one wanting to break up with your partner, it can be tough having to deliver the message. Don’t we all wish we’d never have to speak those harsh words? But when your relationship has sunk to unhealthy depths, there might be no option left but to call it quits. Here are some tips to help you: