Latin lover: fact or myth?

Latin lover: fact or myth?

By asandil Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - 20:38
What makes the legendary Latin lover special? Is it genetic or cultural – or is it a myth? Sexy, smooth-talking Latin American and Spanish pop singers and footballers have won international fame, boosting belief in the magic of the Latin lover.

Are Latin men really hotter than the rest? Love Matters asked four experts if there’s any truth in the steamy legend.

The art of seduction

Silvina Belmonte, sexologist and psychotherapist (Miami Beach, USA): 

“Without wanting to harm the self-confidence of men from other cultures like Northern Europe or the United States, Latin American men are definitely more sensitive.

“We express our feelings more easily – both Latin American men and women. Latin American men are attractive in spite of their shortcomings because they don’t try and seduce a women using their reason but using their feelings.

“And they have the gift of making every woman feel like she’s special, whether she’s 15, 50 or 70 years old, and whether she weighs 50 or 100 kilogrammes.

“With this art of seduction, maybe half of what you say is lies, but women really want to believe them. In Cuba they call this way of chatting up girls muelero and in Argentina versero. Latinos tend to use their powers of persuasion, while in other cultures they think about it more, and if you think too much sometimes it doesn’t work.”

Living up to expectations

Anagloria Mora, sexologist and psychotherapist (Miami, USA): 

“The Latin American man is indoctrinated: he’s got to be sexy, and be aware of it too. He knows it’s something special to be a Latin lover, and a Latin lover is always a good lover, so he feels he has to fit in with the norm.

"I think a part of the myth is that Latin American men have to live up to certain expectations.”

Macho and immature

Eusebio Rubio-Aurioles, surgeon, doctor of human sexuality and sex therapist (Mexico City, Mexico / New York, USA): 

“It’s true that the Latin American Culture is less repressive than the Anglo-Saxon. It might seem like a contradiction, because Latin Americans have an image of being Catholic and introverted, but that’s not so.

“Even though the majority are Catholic, you don’t see it in their view of sexuality. On the contrary, as far as sexuality goes, there’s a lot of freedom here. You can particularly see it in the law in the different countries.

“According to the statistics, our men aren’t better lovers. But it’s true that the Latin lover is often associated with macho behaviour: violent, immature behaviour. That’s really harmful to the image of the Latin lover.”

Enjoying the moment

Isbelia Segnini, psychologist, sexologist and therapist (Caracas, Venezuela):

“It’s a myth. It’s based on the fact that we have a very cheerful and relaxed culture – dancing, letting go, enjoying the moment. While in other cultures people are cooler, more standoffish. I think it’s got more to do with the enjoyment, the music and the moment than anything else.

“There are many Latin lovers in Latin America, especially in Venezuela. And without the Latin American women, of course there wouldn’t be any Latin Lovers. The women are often very beautiful – like in Venezuela!”



How do you rate the men in your country as lovers? Let us know.

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