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So can money buy you love?

Relationship problems
Can believing we are rich or poor affect how we feel and behave in a relationship? Recent research from China reveals the impact money can have on romantic love.

When my husband’s kadak chai saved the day!

Love and relationships
Nishtha*, a working woman from Delhi, often finds herself being told off by her neighbours for ‘making’ her husband Vijay* do all the household chores. Only until they tasted the yummiest rajma chawal in town!

My wife’s period is late, but I’m not ready for kids – help!

Unsure about being pregnant?
Auntyji, my wife’s periods are delayed. I don’t want a child yet. I am just not ready for many reasons. Please help as soon as you read this. Senthil, (25), Panjim.

3-in-1: Wife, mom & professional

Married Life
Women today have mastered the art of balancing home and work alike. What drives these women to do what is seemingly impossible? Read a touching personal account.

Top tips: Living with your in-laws

Married Life
In India, you're not just marrying the man, you're marrying his family. If you find yourself looking for tips on how to live amicably with your in-laws, here they are:

He doesn’t turn me on any more – so what?

Married Life
“I’ve been in a relationship with S for five years. I’m not attracted to him anymore,” says Anu. But that doesn’t mean the end of the road. For her sexual attraction isn’t the only thing that a relationship is built on.