Her orgasms
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Her orgasms

When a woman has an orgasm, or climax, the muscles of the pelvic floor, around the vagina and anus, squeeze together rhythmically, tensing and relaxing.

Sometimes the womb also contracts and relaxes. This all gives an intensely pleasurable feeling in the pubic area. Some women feel it right through their bodies. It can make your whole body jerk.

More than one orgasm

Women can have more than one orgasm in a row, not long after each other. This is because within 10 to 15 seconds of having an orgasm, the clitoris returns to its normal size. It’s then ready for stimulation again. Men need a longer period to recover after they ejaculate.



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Some women squirt out liquid when they have an orgasm. It’s not urine, but vaginal fluid.

How can a woman have an orgasm?

Stimulate the clitoris, for example by rubbing with a finger or licking. For most women, just having intercourse isn’t enough to make them have an orgasm. This is because the vagina is relatively insensitive and the clitoris often isn’t stimulated enough just by the penis going in and out of the vagina. See also fingering and oral sex.


Some women have a G-spot. It’s an area the size of a coin, three to five centimetres inside the vagina, on the front wall. For some women it doesn’t give any special feeling, but for others it’s particularly sensitive. It can be stimulated by fingering or in some positions during intercourse.

Keeping in step

Do you find that your partner comes more quickly than you do? That’s perfectly normal. Among heterosexual couples, most men reach orgasm more quickly and easily than women do. A couple of tips to help keep in step with each other:

  • Take time to build up your lovemaking. And make clear to your partner what you like.
  • Try to let go and just enjoy them touching you. You don’t always have to concentrate on them. They also find it really arousing to see you enjoying their caresses.

Sensitive spots

Actually your whole body can give you pleasure. But certain areas feel particularly nice when they’re touched. For women it’s the vulva and vagina, and certainly the clitoris. But your neck, arms, breasts and buttocks are also sensitive.

Breasts and sex

Breasts, especially the nipples, are sensitive to the touch and can grow harder and larger when you’re aroused. The areola, the area around the nipple, swells up and turns darker in colour, and the skin goes bumpy. Many women like having their breasts and nipples touched during lovemaking. Your partner can use fingers, lips, tongue, or even teeth. When your breasts are touched you often feel it in your vagina, which gets moist. It can be particularly nice if your breasts and vulva are touched at the same time.

Simultaneous orgasms

Did you both have an orgasm at the same time? You’ve been lucky! Usually it’s not so easy to have a simultaneous orgasm. When you come, you’re usually thinking about yourself and not your partner. Don’t put too much pressure on it.

If you manage to come at the same time it’s nice, but it’s also exciting to come one after the other. You can pay more attention to your partner and enjoy seeing him or her having an orgasm.


It’s nice to enjoy cuddling, caressing and talking after making love. In particular many women find afterplay important.


auntiji does women too discharge thick fluid like our semen after sex please let me know once it happened i did sex after that i did see thick fluid coming out of pussy n i was wearing condom n i have doubt whether the condom is broken or is it her fluid please clarify doubt.

Mai apni bife se bahut pyar karta hu Lekin meri bife sex karne ka nam sunte hi Ghar ane llagti hai Mai appreciate apni bife ko sex ke liye kaise uttejit karu......please koi sahi tarika batao

Hmm! Aisa kyun ho raha hai? Kya aap koi aisi activity kar rahe hain jo ki unhe pasand nahi aa rahi hai? Sabse zaroori hoga ki aap unse pyar aur vishawas ke saath iski vajeh poochein, bina jhagda, bina aalochna. Tab hee aap anumaan laga saktey hain, hain na? Yeh bhi yaad rakhiye, ki sex mein HAAN karna ya NAA, yeh bhi unka haq hai, unka nirnay… so yadi who Na kartee hain, so ek baat to tay hi ki koi bhi zor ya zabardasti bilkul allow nahin ha, samjhe beta jee?! https://lovematters.in/en/news/my-wife-not-interested-sex https://lovematters.in/hi/resource/making-love https://lovematters.in/hi/news/how-can-i-please-my-wife-bed

Saurabh beta, yadi shareer mein uttejna adhik ho, sex ki bhavna zyada hogi toh sheegra hi patan hone ki sambhavna bhi adhik ho sakti hai. Aisi stithi mein, partner par focus badhana, foreplay, yaani bete ki pravesh karne se pehle bahut se alag alag kriyaen karna , jinse dono ko anand mile, apne partner ki uttejna badhana, yeh sab activities sabse zaroori hain. Iske ilava, partner ke saath sex karne se pehle, ek baar hast maithun kar saktey hain, utne samay pehle jitne mein ling mein tanaav aa jaaye. Condom ka istemaal bhi jaldi discharge kum karne mein madadgaar saabit ho sakta hai. https://lovematters.in/hi/news/premature-ejaculation-top-five-facts
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