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Meeting and talking to new people

We all sometimes struggle to talk to new people – no matter how confident and talkative we may seem. And this struggle can turn into panic if we happen to find this new person attractive! So here’s our Top Tips for talking to new people...
  1. Smile
    A smile goes a long way. It literally makes you feel better. You will come across as less intimidating and easier to talk to. In short, a toothy grin is the boost every conversation needs!
  2. Think positive 

    Repeat positive thoughts to yourself as you walk over to a new person. Like:

    ‘I look great today.’

    ‘I’m a super, confident person.’

    It will help you radiate more confidence. Which can be hot.


  3. Find common ground

    Once you have the confidence to go over, introduce yourself and try to find something you both have in common. Begin by asking a simple question – you don’t have to be really original! Like:

    ‘Have you been to this place before?’

    ‘Do you and your friends come here regularly?’

    If you’re at a party, perhaps ask how the person knows the host. Try to work out if you have friends in common. The conversation has begun!

Striking up a conversation

Making conversation

Start off talking about easy topics such as a film you’ve seen or music you like. Once the conversation gets flowing, you can show more of your personality. Talk about your likes and see and if they’re interested in similar things. But don’t just talk about yourself. Ask questions, keep eye contact, and give plenty of signs to show you’re listening and really interested. For example:

‘I love this song that’s playing now! What music do you like?’

‘My friends and I tried that new restaurant. It was amazing. What kind of food do you like?’

  • Flattery will get you everywhere Flattery is a gateway to flirting. But first make sure the conversation is going and you feel comfortable. A compliment must always be sincere – people can see through lies and it will only make you seem insecure. Don’t mention intimate physical features though – bum, boobs, body. It will nearly always be offensive. Eyes, hair or clothes are usually fairly safe territory. You could try:

    ‘I couldn’t help noticing how lovely your eyes are.’

    ‘By the way, that dress looks amazing on you.’

    ‘That shirt looks really great on you.’

    ‘I really like your laugh, it makes me smile.’

  • Be yourself If you pretend to be someone you’re not, you will get found out at some point. If you want someone to like the real you, be honest. (That doesn’t mean launch into your whole life story and tell them all about your ex boyfriends or girlfriends!)

  • Exchanging numbers If the conversation goes well and you feel a connection, suggest swapping mobile numbers. Then if you’re going out at the weekend, call to ask if they’d like to come along. Or if they had previously mentioned a new film, suggest seeing it together. Say how great it was to meet them, and that you’re looking forward to seeing them again.

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  • Don’t be afraid of rejection

    People get worried about the person not wanting to talk to them. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know and you may end up regretting not having the courage to speak to them. If the person is not interested in talking to you, don’t take it personally. Maybe they’re having a bad day or dealing with something else that you don’t know about.

Be polite

If the conversation is not going anywhere, no worries! Just be polite and say it was nice to meet them and wish them a nice day, before joining your friends or moving on. Always be friendly, you might see them again and you want to be remembered for being polite and respectful.

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