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Savita Bhabhi: why drawn porn is a big draw

By Gayatri Parameswaran Friday, September 30, 2011 - 14:24
Cartoon porn star Savita Bhabhi pulls in millions of users to one of India’s 100 most-visited websites. Since the launch in 2008, the sexy housewife has become a sensation, with millions of hits per month. Why the success?

Is it because a comic strip safely leaves more to the imagination? Or because the storyline breaks such a juicy selection of taboos?

Here’s the scenario. Savita Bhabhi is a 29-year-old housewife whose husband is too busy to satisfy her sexual desires. In response, she decides to live her sexual fantasies through extra-marital affairs with a range of men and women.


“As far as fantasizing is concerned, I think Savita Bhabhi is an excellent concept”, says fan Manjit Singh. “She’s an idea, not a real person. Even though she is pictorially represented, everyone knows that she’s just a depiction of most boys’ fantasies. I consider myself an imaginative mind so I can relate better with a comic strip. It’s like a storyboard.”

One of Mumbai’s well-known sexologists, Dr Mahendra Watsa, agrees the simple storylines work. “It’s not just people having sex. There’s a story behind this. And the story here is that of an Indian housewife looking out for sex. That idea itself is titillating. The plots are simple and that’s why it’s arousing,” he says.


The simplicity of the stories and their graphic nature spark the imagination without making everything too explicit.

“Being sexually aroused is about letting your imagination flow. It allows you to be turned on. That’s what the makers of this comic strip have tapped into,” Dr Watsa says.

Forbidden fruit

In Hindi, the word bhabhi means brother’s wife. Bhabhi maa sammaan hoti hai is a common phrase in the language which suggests that a bhabhi is like a mother figure. The underlying meaning is that sensual thoughts about one’s bhabhi are strictly taboo. Savita is the forbidden fruit.

“The sister-in-law is generally out of bounds” says another fan, 30-year-old Mahesh Chhedda. “It’s just a moral line you draw. It’s not incest, but there’s something not very pious about fantasising about your bhabhi. This comic strip makes the bhabhi figure available. It’s bold and challenges Indian stereotypes. It’s adventurous and who doesn’t like adventurous sex.”


Mahesh also points out that Savita Bhabhi often shares her bed with men from a class lower than herself. “She’s an educated well-off woman and she’s sleeping with Manoj, the servant in the house. That breaks through class boundaries. It would be outrageous in real life, but it’s celebrated here,” he says.

Savita Bhabhi was banned by the Indian government under the country’s IT Act soon after it gained popularity. Fans protested at the targeted censorship within the online porn industry. They even launched a ‘Save Savita Project’. But in the end the site was pulled by its founder Puneet Agarwal.


A few months later the website relaunched under the banner of It also became a paid porn site. This disappointed many fans. “I haven’t accessed the site since it became paid. It was great, but I am not going to pay for porn. There’s a lot of unpaid content available online, why should I pay for this?” asks Manjit.

While Manjit has chosen look elsewhere for porn, loyal followers still continue to flock to the website. And Savita Bhabhi remains a potent sexual image in India’s online porn industry.

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