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‘He would want more this time’

Making Love
Rashi asked Yuvika if she should have sex with Karan. She felt unsure because she had only recently met him in Goa. Is a good first impression a green light for sex? Yuvika tells Love Matters India how Rashi made her decision.

How one night with another man brought me close to my love

Love and relationships
Harsha spent a night with Karan and it brought her closer to Udit. Read on to find out how a night of simple pleasures helped Harsha strengthen a faltering long-distance relationship.

Are you an abusive girlfriend?

Love and relationships
'If you love me, you will be here in five minutes!' Hold off sending the emotional text 'that always works' to your boyfriend. Believe it or not, you may be abusing your partner. Sounds a bit too much? Here’s a bit of a reality check.