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Circumcision: the hidden sex problems

Relationship problems
“Sex is a thing of the past,” a Love Matters reader commented. He blames his sex problems on circumcision. Circumcised men and their partners have more orgasm trouble. It’s a hidden complication for cut men, says Dutch expert Gert van Dijk.

Orgasm without sex: here’s how

Anal orgasms, nipple orgasms, mouth orgasms – the most unexpected body parts can bring some people to a climax. Others don’t even need to be touched at all to come – they get off in their dreams.

Sexual harassment online: how Mumbai women cope

Sexual Harassment
"Are you horny? Tell me about your body?" Offensive comments from men in chats and on social networking sites are one of the most common forms of online sexual harassment for Mumbai women.

Small penis: it's all in the mind

Male body
Do you keep worrying about how to increase your penis size? A problem with penis size is more likely to be in your head than between your legs, says Egyptian sexology professor Hussein Ghanem. Most men with penis paranoia turn out to have average-sized organs, he says.

Sex with my brother-in-law

Marriage troubles
When Devi’s expat husband was away, her brother-in-law poured out his heart. Read her story of tangled relationships, sizzling sex and guilty secrets.

Anal sex: top five facts

Our Bodies
Anal sex – plenty say they love the intense sensation and pleasure. But many others cringe at the idea of anything other than water and soap getting near their rear end. Read all you need to know about anal sex in our top five facts.

Abusive text messages could affect your health

Sexual Harassment
Dating violence doesn’t have to be physical or sexual for it to have serious consequences on your health, new research shows. Whether it’s abusive text messages, insulting comments, or a partner who harasses you, non-physical dating violence is no joke. It also is a form of domestic violence.

What makes a voice sexy?

Our Bodies
A sexy voice is a breathy one – a man’s or a woman’s. That’s where similarities end about what’s hot in a male or female voice. We find some voices sexy because they give us clues about the speaker’s looks, according to a British study.

How to wear condoms - dos and dont's

Types of Birth Control
Do you know how to wear condoms? Condoms are a great accessory for sex. Yes, really! But don’t they kill the mood? Well, not as much as worrying about STDs or unwanted pregnancy! We think condoms can be super sexy if you know how to use condoms. And only safe is really sexy.

Lovers' hearts beat to the same rhythm

Love and relationships
When two people are in love, their heartbeats and breathing become synchronised when they’re together, new research shows. We know that lovers can be in tune emotionally, but this is the first research to show that synchronicity can be physical too.

Talking about condoms: do’s and don’ts

Safe Sex
Condoms - there are sexier and more comfortable things to chat about with a new partner. But ask yourself: would you rather talk about using condoms now, or put it off and have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy or an STD down the line?

A hormone that keeps guys faithful?

Love and relationships
The hormone oxytocin could cause guys in a steady relationship to keep their distance from attractive women. Oxytocin has a got a reputation for being a ‘love potion’. But that doesn’t means it turns guys into a Casanova.