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‘He hugs his pillow after sex’

Love and relationships
Once the sex is over, Chetan turns to the other side of the bed and falls asleep while Reeta craves for a cuddly talk. Is it too much to ask for? She shared her desires with Love Matters India.

My vagina was too small for him

Making Love
Ritika got married to Prakhar and was really looking forward to her sex life. But she was in for a shock when Prakhar told her her vagina was ‘too small’ for him. Ritika shares her story with Love Matters India.

My bf and I will visit Didi on Diwali

Sexual Diversity
Dhruv’s sister, who initially tried to ‘talk him out of being gay', now likes his pictures with his partner on Facebook. He tells Love Matters India how things changed slowly but positively for him.