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When I confronted an online troll

Online trolling has grown rapidly over the last few years. The main aim is to attack people's privacy. If male, then the women of his family are targeted, his birth is tainted and if it is a woman, dirt is thrown on her entire existence. A similar incident happened to Delhi writer Anu Shakti Singh and she shared her story with Love Matters.

‘I had goosebumps that night’

Kirti wanted the first ever trip with her parents to be really special. But what followed next was a rollercoaster ride with men banging at her door at midnight. How did she handle the situation? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

'Don’t you dare touch my daughter'

Dr. Sheela Ranjan* is Professor of Economics at university. But even today, she thinks of her life as nothing less than a dream. If her mother had not fought for both of them during her childhood, she might not have been alive today. Dr. Sheela shared her story with Love Matters.

He said, ‘I will ruin you’

When Vijay proposed to Riya, she rejected him outright but Vijay was persistent. He, along with his friend Sonu, threatened Riya and told her that he would ‘ruin’ her. Riya shares her story with Love Matters India.

‘We were just joking Didi’

Sheetal felt really stressed and helpless because of a group of boys who used to harass her on the way to the coaching class everyday. But then something happened that changed things forever. Sheetal shares her story with Love Matters India.