Being Pregnant

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My girlfriend is pregnant. Should we get married?

Hi Auntyji, we had sex for first time and my partner says she is pregnant. Do I have to marry her? Adil, 21, Haridwar.

Are women pregnant when they faint and vomit?

Hi Auntyji, are women pregnant when they vomit and faint? I saw it in a movie recently. Harkirat, 19, Ludhiana.

Five years, no kids: Was something wrong with us?

Birth Control
Three years into their marriage, Saurabh* and Shivani* were being constantly interrogated about why they weren’t having a child. Tired of it all, they decided to try for a child, but it wasn't as easy as the world had led them to believe.

Best and worst of pregnancy: How was yours?

Being Pregnant
What are the best and worst parts of pregnancy? Do you know the early signs of pregnancy? Two young mothers open up about their pregger fever.

What to eat during pregnancy: Facts

Being Pregnant
Pregnant and wondering what you need to eat? How much food should you eat? And what if you don't feel like eating? What’s the best diet for you and the baby? Here are facts!

Pregnant? Sex is better if you don’t know

Being Pregnant
The bad news: being pregnant puts you off sex – and not surprisingly gives you sore breasts, tiredness and nausea. But here’s the good news: it’s partly in the mind. Women who don’t realise they’re pregnant aren’t put off sex, a new study found.