Dear PJ, Thank you for reading our article thoroughly and sharing your views. We hear your concerns about tampons and hymen and are replacing the word break with tear or stretch and removing the reference to tampons in this sentence. Reworked to “... since hymen can tear or stretch in sexually inactive females owing to factors like sporting activities.” Regarding the use of the word ‘perilous’, in context of the article, perhaps the use of the word physically demanding, would have been a better choice, which is what we intended in the context of the pressures and impact of the childbirth process on the vaginal area. Thus, we would replace the word perilous since it doesn’t meet the context of the article. However, we do intend to note that the experience of childbirth can be perilous or dangerous, often due to the conditions in which births happen. Every 11 seconds, a pregnant woman or newborn dies somewhere around the world. An estimated 2.8 million pregnant women and newborns die every year, according to WHO. For the typos and errors on the page, we will be more careful in future.


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