hi everyone!!! first time sex is a great feeling.. i never forget that. on my first night, this year, i really had a beautiful experience. it was a love marriage. but didn't cross the limits. as we both already knew each other. so there is no hesitation for romance. after completing the formalities of the first night by the family members, we both sat on the bed and chit chatted for half n hour. he suddenly took my right hand and made me to sit in his lap. slowly started pinching my hip. lifted me up and slowly said i love you.. gave me a lip lock by immediately. his neck was paining because of lifting me for 15 min. he placed me on the bed. again started kissing me on lips and my neck. he slowly kept his hands in my blouse from the hip. i know its the time for the sex. i holded his checks and gave a lip lock for 10 min. he opened my hooks of the blouse. my panty is watery. he bitted my lips. he touched my breasts and squeezed them very hardly and opened my bra. my panty was opened by me and he opened his clothes completely. i got nervous. he slowly told me. u my darling.. I'm your best friend. enjoy this.. don't be tensed. i got calm down. he played with my hair. later he opened my vagina lips and inserted his pennis. waaawww!!!! its an amazing feeling. i kissed his entire body. after few minutes, there was bleeding of my vagina when the hymen layer was teared. even i was painful, i enjoyed a lot. the main two things are the breast and vagina of the women which makes men more anxiety. all the best guys :-)


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