Madi Burns
Sat, 07/25/2015 - 11:27
I've had wet dreams before but in the past few months I've had a recurring one every week or so where I'm at school wearing a cocktail dress when a man comes and rips it off to reveal me wearing nothing except for green flowers covering my vagina. Then a group of men (lately the role changes: last time it was my father) chases me until they huddle around and begin to violently come in every orifice in my body: my mouth, my rear, my vagina all at the same time. Then a group of my female friends enter completely naked and begin to grab my head and take turns shoving it into each of their rear ends. This usually makes me wake up and my panties are almost always completely drenched and the feeling is 10x stronger than any sexual experience I've had awake. It is an honestly exhilirating experience although it can feel weird after your dream involved family members


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