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Love in times of pain

Sexual Diversity
‘All around us we see relationships of a certain kind. Date nights that are regular, outdoors….And so many other couples things. Many of these didn’t fit us and my disability made much of this harder’. It is not easy to defy the ‘norm’ that society not just accepts, but rewards, Srinidhi Raghavan tells Rising Flame.

‘All I see around me looks like love’

Sexual Diversity
‘Sometimes, the simplest things are what we need the most, and all I wanted was to catch his attention. I never told him, or anybody else, about how I felt, but I think I secretly loved him. My life felt like a Tamil song – kanbathellam…kadhaladi… (all that I see around me looks like love!’, Dr Deepa V. shares her story with Rising Flame.

Falling in love (with myself)

Sexual Diversity
‘Waking up to messages like, ‘Hey, beautiful’, and being stared at during video calls, even when I’m not wearing kajal, made me fall in love with myself a little more... When you live with a disability, you want to be with someone who loves you with your disability, not in spite of it,’ says Sweta, as she shares her story with Rising Flame.