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I never thought my first love would do this!

Love and relationships
Pakhi, sharing her story with Love Matters India, talks about her relationship that went from happy to hurtful when her boyfriend started making fun of her interests and dreams. With her sister's support, she found the courage to do something, which she thought was impossible. Read more to find out!

When Afsana wore a mangalsutra!

Love and relationships
‘Didi, you don’t know what we are going through. Because of the mistake of some people, we all have to suffer,’ Afsana told me as she came to pick her wages, wearing a bindi and mangalsutra. The virus had not only taken their livelihood but also their peace of mind, Niharika shares a conversation with Love Matters India.

I did not even touch him

Love and relationships
The sight of Sameer’s side of the bed remaining untouched for the next 14 days even when he was less than 20 feet away from her broke Akshara’s heart. What was holding her back to go and hug her husband? She shares her story with Love Matters India.

'Food, utensils, cleaning, office…I was exhausted’

Love and relationships
Karan was to help with cleaning of utensils, my son with cooking and my daughter - the youngest - with dusting. What years of education couldn’t instill, a few days of lockdown has done in our household. Sometimes crisis does bring out the best in us. Vani shares her story with Love Matters India.

'My first kiss sucked'

Making Love
“I was 18 when I had my first kiss,” says Samanth. He was terrified about doing it right because she was his closest friend and he wanted to start dating her ‘officially’. “Like a total idiot I rushed. She pulled away and didn't say a thing.”

When I made love to a girl for the first time!

Sexual Orientation
“I had always been attracted to women, but I never thought I was a lesbian,” says Avni. At school she thought being a lesbian meant “having short hair, wearing oversized boyish clothes and generally being a social outcast”.