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I'm fat, so what?

Female body
She has been called fat, motu, ‘healthy’, plump. But Anika is still waiting for the day when her weight won’t be the only thing people use to describe her.

Do Indian men not understand consent?

Love and relationships
People have different explanations for the word consent and it is often brought up, and rightly so, in talks about abuse, sexual harassment and rape. Consent is not restrictive of gender roles. But, men often get the rap for not clearly understanding what can be termed as consensual and what cannot. We asked a few men for their thoughts on the definition of the word and how it relates to their lives. Here’s what they say.

It’s time to talk about sex – before, during and after breast cancer

Our Bodies
Having sex may not be your priority when you or your partner is undergoing diagnosis/treatment of breast cancer. Cancer and sex is something very few talk about – whether it is the benefits of sex or the sexual side effects of cancer treatment. Here are a few things to consider:

Dating the app way: Finding true love on my phone

Love and relationships
Dating has a new medium in today’s techno savvy world. Ditching the traditional routes, people are now finding 'love' through dating apps. But does it work for everyone? Swipe down to find out.

Intimacy prescriptions for healthy relationships

Love and relationships
The term intimacy is often viewed through the sexual lens. Simply put, it is the feeling of emotional and/or physical closeness with someone and can be manifested in everyday acts. We ask people about what kind of intimate behaviour they would like from their partners.

Will my best friend love me back?

Love and relationships
They met in college and became best friends. He loved her but she loved somebody else. Will their story have a happy ending like those in Bollywood films?

Curse of an unmarried woman

What does it mean to be an unmarried woman in this country and why can’t people just let them be? Here is the woman’s side of the story.

How the anti-dowry law is misused

Filmmaker and activist Deepika Bhardwaj finds out that the law against dowry can be misused against men.

What’s the thrill of toon porn aunty?

After cartoon porn star Savita Bhabbhi came Velamma, a sexy aunty with real curves. Why are some men so turned on by Aunty? And is she liberating or degrading for women?

We met on Facebook and fell in love…

Love and relationships
Maya and her boyfriend met each other on Facebook two years ago. At first she wasn’t sure if a long-distance relationship would work out. Read how Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook helped them stay together!

The night I feared for my life

Sexual Harassment
He had hit me before. The night he tried to strangle me was the first time I feared for my life.