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I am gay and 'normal' just like you!

Sexual Diversity
‘Now when I go to the temple, I do not pray to God to make me ‘normal’, because I have come to know that I am ‘normal’ and it is thinking of the people that is wrong’, Ansh shared his story of self discovery with Gaylaxy website.

My friend loved her, but I loved him

Sexual Diversity
Karan loved his friend since his childhood days, so much so that he never realised when his friendship blossomed into love for him. But his friend fell in love with a girl. What did he do then? Read the story to find out.

'Roommates are like couples'

Sexual Diversity
When Parth left his home to study engineering, he was apprehensive about who his roommate would be in the hostel. His father convinced him that roommates are like couples. What happens when he gets stuck in that situation literally?

'Coming out in front of my class'

Sexual Diversity
Arnav was tired of all the harassment and mockery he had to face because of his identity. One day he revealed his truth in front of the whole class. What happened next? He shared his story with Gaylaxy magazine.