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I cheated when everything was perfect

Relationship problems
Anmol was in a stable relationship when he cheated on his partner. Did he fall out of love or was it just out of boredom? Let's find out more.

Breast cancer in men – Top five facts

Our Bodies
When we think of breast cancer, we almost always also think of women. But do you know that men also have the same breast tissue and the same lymphatic system in their chest and can thus also develop breast cancer? Let’s unravel some facts about it.

Sexual health problems where the mind is at play

Sex Problems: how to overcome them
Apart from diseases, that are caused by unprotected sex, there are many sexual health issues that have their roots in our state of mind as well as our perceptions and feelings towards sex. Along with sex education, medication, these issues often require emotional and psychological counselling and support. Read on to know more about five such sexual health disorders...

Transgender: Top 6 myths

Gender Diversity
Who exactly is transgender? How much do we really know about the third gender? Love Matters busts six common myths about transgender people.

Kink: Your secret sex stories

Ways to Make Love
Do you have any sexual fetishes that are uncommon? Have you ever practised your fetish with your partner? Love Matters asked five people what their secret kink story is…

Asexuality: Top 7 myths

Sexual Orientation
Asexual people are often misunderstood for their lack of sexual desire. Can asexuality be treated? We bust top seven myths on the topic this week…

Threesome: Do’s and don’ts

Ways to Make Love
The idea of having a third person in the bedroom can be tempting, but tricky at the same time. To play it cool, trust Love Matters’ list of do’s and don’ts.