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How to talk to your partner

Couple in a realationship
Every relationship has its ups-and-downs, especially when you spend a lot of time with each other. Certain things will make you angry or upset which, in turn, can lead to an argument. It’s just a normal part of any relationship.

But even if you’re arguing, always try to keep communicating and stay respectful. And abuse or violence is never, ever acceptable.

Name-calling? Trying to make a person feel bad about themselves? Telling them they’re worthless? Grabbing, pushing, hitting? Sounds like you’re in an abusive relationship.

Good communication can prevent an argument or fight, by dealing with problems as they come up.

During an argument or difficult conversation, try to read your partner’s body language:

  1. If they are not looking at you or are turned away, they probably aren’t listening properly.
  2. If they raise their voice, their emotions are rising. They may feel they aren’t being listened to, and it might be best to put off the discussion to another time.
  3. If they have their arms folded, they could be feeling defensive. So reassure them that you want to come up with a solution together.

No one is a perfect communicator. But by using these tips, we can all improve. See which ones work best for you and your partner – and for particular situations.

Here are some examples: