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How to talk about safe sex and STDs

Man's hand holding a condom
Yes, this could be the most awkward and unromantic conversation you have with your partner. But! Couples that have this talk end up trusting each other more and having more fun in the bedroom – two big factors for a long-lasting relationship.

Whether you’re playing around, dating or married, it’s vital that you talk about safe sex with your partner. And our guide also deals with another potentially awkward discussion: what to do if you have, or get, an STD.

Here you can find more info on safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Talk to your partner about safe sex before you have sex! If you are virgin, it’s not very likely that you can infect your partner. However, your partner may have had sex before. And even if they’ve only had sex once without a condom, there’s still a chance they have an STD.