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Getting pregnant

Couple with pregnancy test
So you want to get pregnant? Luckily, for most people this isn’t a problem. More than half the women trying for a baby get pregnant within six months.

Other women need a bit more patience. You might have to wait for a year or more before you get pregnant. But most women will manage to get pregnant within about 18 months.

How can you increase your chances of getting pregnant? See the tips to boost your chances not only of getting pregnant, but of having a healthy baby. And if you're trying to get pregnant, for the health of your baby think about taking extra folic acid.

What if you've followed all the tips, 18 months has passed, but you're still not pregnant? You long to have a baby, and the problem is hanging over you like a cloud. It's time to think about fertility testing. If you or your partner have a fertility problem, perhaps you can get medical help.

Getting pregnant: