my brother (Age:around 18) "i do masterbation last 1year now stopped-Filling like pain,Now few month wet dreams, I want to talk but i Can not talk with Parents they will get Veryy angry! I share every Info. With Parents Please publish about effects Of masterbation+Wet dreams+watery semen please, i am very sad i want to talk about it with parents and i don't know doctor/any near by me . " but My brother is want to talk with parents but my brother getting fear of parents willbe get angry! and my brother share all information with parents what is friends and what friends do today etc, my brother told me every day&time thik how to talk with parents about it. AND my question is any doctor available on this site but this site is Best..... AND My friends Wet dream came about some : Dancing on big balloons talking told me by friend


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