aunti ji good morning. i'm 24. there is a girl (23) we live in different cities.but her father's village and my mother's birth village are same as you can see she's like my niece. when we were children we both used to go to village twice a year and i adored her but as time passed by and studies got higher it reduced to once a year. i appriciated and adored a lot her but never had feelings like that you know(not vulgur), i just like her company and i want to talk to her a lot now i havn't seen her in one and half year and we never even talk on phone ,still i can't forget her or stop thinking about her. her father is my mother's second nephew and she respects me as her uncle. now her parents(my second brother ) are thinking of her marriage in last of this year. please,,,please ,, tell me what to do. i've never told/said anything to anyone ever. please tell me what to do . and if i talk to any of her/my family that i would like to marry her then both would just kill me right there and then.


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