Yes, its true and the worst part is you don't get prostitutes as well. I mean out of fear of STD's no who is ugly and bald would go to such extent. The only way is the arrange marriage and that also looks gloomy.The best thing we men who are bald and ugly can do is to invest in ourselves like reading books becoming knowledgeable , attaining fitness goals , dressing up to the mark ( in office or in parties as well) , having higher levels of hygiene. May be deep meditation would make me accept myself and bring out the lost confidence in me.But the above things will certainly help us in living a decent life. Understand not every man gets the girl he wants , its just a matter of luck, some get lucky and some become MGTOW ( even after getting girls).Well concentrate on yourself and only yourself , don't worry about what people have to say because you can never shut their mouth. Moral of the story - Being bald and ugly is not your fault, its just the genetics and so if you happen to be bald and ugly than you should surely run ( like life depends on it) after name, fame and money instead of girls.


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