I have had orgasms during sleep for a very long time. I'm 22, and lately they've been happening a lot. I put it down to having not had sex for a pretty long time, and haven't masturbated much lately either. They usually tend to crop up during those times. Sometimes my dreams can be completely non sexual, or embarrassing in their nature. Last night involved Peter Dinklage and I had multiple orgasms, cringe. I'd like to point out that I've had insomnia for years too, and need to be heavily dosed up on sleeping tablets to get off to sleep. My orgasms during sleep are a lot more intense than when I masturbate, and I feel it internally too, whereas I never feel any pleasure from that normally, usually only from stimulating my clit. I've never managed to climax from sex, or from another person stimulating me, but in my dreams it happens easily, too easily!


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