I'm 29 and usually pretty sexually active. Haven't had sex in about 2 months now. I dreamt I was having sex with an unknown male. Dont remember his face. Just him saying relax...relax... While I was riding him. Never once in my life have i ever had a dream that led to orgasm but When I finally relaxed I orgasmed and it was a pretty big one too. It may be because I've given up smoking marijuana too. Never had one in my life till this dream. It was too bad when I woke up and forgot my mum had visited and was asleep in the bed next to me. Luckily it was a king bed and she was on the far other side. Its been a very long time since I moved to another state away from my family. So I must have been very relaxed knowing she had been at my place for a few days. But eww what a time to have one lol. I told her a couple of days later cause I randomly started laughing about it and had to tell her. She cracked up laughing. Lol


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