I am 30 y-o female and I've been having this type of "wet dream" which once in a while actually climaxes with intense physical pleasure which can run thru my head ever since around the time I got my first period (at 11 y-o), if not earlier. It really is an orgasm that lasts about some seconds but without squirting. My genitals get really engorged and really wet though. As the article says, what it is is basically as I fantasize about certain sexually arousing creative stories/situations, I keep my muscles in the groin tightly squeezed the whole time and my genitals get more and more engorged and then eventually climaxes. It can feel more than actual sex with a partner in terms of physical pleasure I get. Recently, however, I get this wet dream thing far less than I used to have at one point when I was younger.


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