Want to know dream
Fri, 12/19/2014 - 21:08
I once had a dream of finding myself in a room where all girls were taking each others clothes down. I was turned on with the site. Suddenly there were some group of boys standing in a line who dropped off their pants and standing nude. They were coming to us and asking to hold their penises. I was very much turned on as one boy touched my vagina as I had but only top on myself. My bottom half was naked. I held his cock and suddenly left it as he was still moving his finger over my vagina. He was not fingering though but trying to separate my vaginal lips. I pushed him aside exclaiming I can't allow him to fuck me. I then ran out in a corridor where I saw some girls nude but they were quite far. I just started moving up and down as if somebody was fucking me. But no one was there. I was so wet to think about this all and I got up to notice I am still moving in my bed twisting with my pants (and panties) down. I wanted to know does that mean I am a bisexual? The sight of all those boys showing their penises is still fresh and makes me hell wet.


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